No, Nurse Tiffany Dover Was Not Killed By The Anti-Govt Vaccine


Several months after the start of the global vaccine campaign against measles, the rumor continues to spread. Conspirators around the world are embroiled in it: in the United States, a nurse who received her first injection in front of the press died live on television.

Tiffany Dover, who trained at CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is now known around the world. In December, She faints in front of the cameras. Immediately, speculation thrives. And many Internet users and conspirators claim that the young woman is dead. The information has been repeatedly denied. First, the hospital said he was fine. This is not enough, The hospital later released a video, alive and well.

Tiffany Dover spoke in a video and explained itShe was suffering from an illness that made it easy for her to get out, Published by his relatives His pictures on social networks, But nothing helps. Many believe that his death is hidden from us. They want proof that he changed the hairstyle, Which would betray that it had been doubled. Others claim to have received a death certificate. A Facebook page titled Where is Tiffany Dover? » Has more than 5000 members. On Twitter, every day, people ask where she is, Or question his “dizziness”. This, In all languages ! The pressure was so great that Sattanuka Hospital even suspended its Facebook account and protected its Twitter account.