NYC: Who Is Aaron Chassen From Upper East Side? Missing Case Update

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New York native Aaron Chassen has been missing for a long, and the evidence related to the case has been removed from the Upper East Side apartment.

In the investigation into the disappearance of a 26-year-old Connecticut man, potential evidence was removed from a Manhattan apartment.

According to Stamford Police, Aaron Chassen was last seen on the Upper Eastside. He went to a party with his friends at The Grand Sutton, 418 E. 59th St., near the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, between First Avenue and Sutton Place.

Joseph “Joey” Comunale, the youngster, was also reported missing from the Upper East Side. His dad filled the missing complaint on Monday morning.

Who Is Aaron Chassen From New York?

Aaron Chassen is a youngster who has been missing since 2016 from his Upper East Side apartment. As per reports, he went to attend a party with his buddies, but he has since vanished.

Stamford Police, during an interrogation, found that his buddies left early Sunday morning, and Chassen stayed behind intentionally.

The NYPD rushed to the building on Monday after the missing report was filed and arrested the resident of that flat on an unrelated offense.

Investigators will question him regarding Comunale’s location, according to the New York City Police Department.

Aaron Chassen Missing Case Update & Help Post On Facebook

Aaron Chassen’s disappearance has drawn widespread notice, and many people are concerned for his safety. There are also Facebook help posts following his missing case.

However, there have been no further updates in this case. The evidence has also been reportedly removed from the missing site.

Authorities secured a search warrant and discovered probable evidence in the apartment, including blood and things in a rubbish bag found nearby.

Aaron Chassen Age, Wikipedia & Family

The missing boy, Aaron Chassen, ‘s age around 24 to 26 years old. His biography is not yet available on Wikipedia; thus, his family details are not reachable.

Aaron Chassen has been missing from the Upper East Side. On Saturday night, he attended a party at The Grand Sutton at 418 E. 59th St. with his colleagues.

Earlier, police dogs and crime scene investigators in Tyvek suits investigate the scene. A luggage trolley was also placed at the co-op by police officials.

Police received a search warrant and are looking into surveillance cameras after a renter inquired about the recording system, according to a building employee.

Both the missing man and the resident are questioned in the CCTV footage. Detectives are currently compiling a timeline of their activities as well.

Aaron Chassen’s family is devasting since their beloved child has been missing for the last six years. We are hopeful that the police will soon discover the youngster.