Obituary: Who Is Dianne Ducharme Tiger King? Details To Know About His Death And Connection With Doc Antle

diane ducharme obituary tiger king

Dianne Ducharme is the mother of Radha Hirsch in Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story. The documentary got based upon the true story of the animal trainer. 

Netflix has come up with the docuseries of Tiger King with the title “Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story.” The documentary was a big hit in 2020, and even now, it has picked the audience’s interest. 

It got premiered on Netflix on 10 December 2021. With the life story of Doc Antle, the docuseries has surprised the people. 

Together with the hype, the audiences have shown their curiosity in the characters. And Dianne became the recent talking point among the people. 

Who Is Dianne Ducharme Tiger King? 

At present, Dianne is a notable author who has published several books. She appears to be successful in her career now. 

However, Ducharme is currently all over the social media after Dianne got portrayed on the docuseries “Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story.” 

As per the documentary, she got introduced as the mother of Radha Hirsch, Doc Antle’s former wife. 

Dianne mentioned that Doc was a respectable person at the time, and she was never worried about him being wrong.

Antle has three children and married multiple times with different wives. His second wife had accused him of assault, while his other wife, Dianne’s daughter, married him at a young age.

Who was Diane Ducharme? #TigerKing3 #docantle

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Dianne Ducharme In Doc Antle Story 

The docuseries Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story has interview clips of Dianne that made the audiences want to know more about her. 

Dianne recalled her daughter Radha trying to marry a tiger trainer Antle. Having to move frequently for work, her daughter started spending more time with Doc Antle. 

When Radha and Antle started to get involved romantically, Dianne took her daughter moved away from Virginia. She resided in another city and enrolled her daughter in Saint Monica’s Catholic High School. 

Little did she know that her Radha would go back to Doc Antle and be married after faking her dad’s signature. During the marriage, Radha was only 15, with Doc being 26.

Dianne Ducharme- Cause Of Death

With Dianne getting popular, there has been a rumor of her death. Even so, there has been no official notice about her passing away. 

The rumor is yet to get debunked, but there is a possibility that people got confused with the name. Some sites have announced the death of a person named Dianne Ducharme. 

But, the one who lost her life does not seem like the famous Dianne herself. Hopefully, we might get to know the truth in the future.