P2p4u.net is one of the best websites to experience sports in an immersive and amazing way.


It is a perfect example of how all the sports can exist in one place, and live in quite peace and harmony, including their passionate fans. It offers sports’ streams such as firstrow and atdhe, among others. It has a nice UI, with beautiful features.There is a lot of free streaming of live games and pre-shot games as well, all in HD quality, only if you have a strong internet connection.

There are a lot of games in the categories of the site, which you can access according to your preference. There is no pressure of creating an account on the site, though you can probably access to some more features after making an account. However, the site never asks for money, or there isn’t any ‘premium’ version to be upgraded after you make that account. No, it is absolutely and completely free. Read along to find out the exact features of this amazing p2p4u site, which is a paradise for sports enthusiasts!

Features of P2P4U
Features of P2p4u are what draws the people to it. There are many, right from no irritating ads while using it to constant and perfect streaming of the videos while using it.

P2p4u gives out live scores and they are displayed right on the homepage.
There are no annoying ads that come up while using the website or even while streaming the sports’ videos. This means you can enjoy the experience, which becomes quite immersive, making you feel as if you are there with the cheering fans.
The sports included on this site includes Cricket, Motorsports, tennis, basketball, boxing and so much more. Soccer fans are very excited to use this site, as there is another extensive category for soccer fans.
The videos are proper in their content accuracy and HD in quality. Coupled with no ads, it just becomes a piece of cake to use this. If there are other videos which are probably not available on the site, you can actually add them on the site, with its ‘add’ option.
The user interface is something that can appeal to a lot of sports’ lovers – it is simple and yet efficient.
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Best p2p4u Alternatives to watch Sports Online for free in HD quality
The alternatives of the p2p4u are not many, but whatever are there, they have many features and some of them might actually rival the features of p2p4u. Top 10 alternatives are given right below –

SonyLIV is perhaps the most important p2p4u alternatives to watch sports online, keeping in mind its popularity among the fans. It has quite a user-friendly interface, which is a hit among the site users and the sports lovers. There are few ads cropping up during the usage, which doesn’t actually become a problem. The site has an additional option of providing you with accurate match statistics as well as upcoming matches predictions, along with match reviews.

ESPN is a big enough website and has been a frequent and constant name in the sports’ world.ESPN is a dynamic and leading site for sports’ update, where you can watch sports online free in HD. The channel’s website has sports matches as well as proper summary and the match results and reports on the main section of the homepage. The website also has its own dedicated app, on both Android and iOS platforms, which means you can never miss a game at all.

SportLemons is a cute little website and actually becomes a perfect site, quite resembling the 21st century.If you don’t have the time to sit in front of the TV to look at the sports, then just open this site and enjoy the sport videos whenever you want. There is no problem with the streaming, which means you get to enjoy proper matches right at the moment you want. All of the mainstream games are included on the site.

Chanfeed is something quite innovate and only for hardcore sports fans. One of the best alternatives to watch Sports Online in free, in place of p2p4u. Chanfeed makes sure you never miss any update from your favorite sport. There is also an option of watching live sports on the site. The sports included here is Basketball, Boxing, Tennis, Baseball, obviously soccer and even poker and MotoGP. Quite a list, don’t you think?

WatchSportsOnline is one of the similar sites like p2p4u.tv, and has some good features. It has proper sections dedicated to each sport, including Basketball, Handball, Football, Rugby, Motor and many more. There are some ads that crop up unexpectedly but they can be ignored as easily. The interface is intuitive and proper and user-friendly, and provides an option of scheduling the game at a time convenient for you.

Stream2Watch is one of the best alternatives for P2p4u and what’s more, it is also happens to be one of the free sports streaming sites. The platform is accessible from all around the world and caters to each and every type of sportfan. There are perfectly updated links for different games, which is also an additional feature.Adobe Flash player is embedded in the site, to help your streaming experience be smooth.

FirstRowSports is an exact replica of p2p4u and also offers some beautiful features tucked away in a beautiful UI. There is the inclusion of football, basketball, American football, Rugby, Baseball and so many more. There is an option of live streaming and that too for free. There are certainly more channels’ inclusion and more features as compared to p2p4u.

RedStream is a free site for sports, such as football, soccer and even cricket. The user interface is quite simple, immersive and intuitive, which is exactly why this site is popular among the sports’ fans. The thing you have to keep in mind is the complicated steps you have to complete in order to stream the match you want; though once you get a hang of it, it becomes quite simple. The video streaming offered is in HD quality.

StreamyBox is one of the popular sites, actively serving its users for the past two decades. There are many sports events in there, which can be enjoyed to your heart’s content and that too for free. Not only is the streaming quality perfectly sound, but is also has an option to download the videos in order to watch them later. The user interface is immersive and dynamic, and works on both PC as well as mobiles, meaning it is easy to operate and have fun while using it.

Laola1 is another, quite a unique site for sports lovers. There is a huge collection of sports videos for the fans to experience and enjoy by sitting in their homes comfortably. There is also an addition of non-major sports, including table tennis and even ice hockey, something not a mass of population would follow. An additional feature is how it regularly updates the content it has uploaded there, which means you can get latest stuff right in front of you in minutes.