How Papa John’s Lunch Specials Can Save you Money


Everyone likes to save a few bucks. However, when you can save money AND enjoy a delicious meal, you have hit the jackpot. Papa John’s offers not only great food but also a variety of lunch specials near me. Whether you want pizza or something else, you can find great deals delivered hot and fresh to your door. Along with advertised specials, you can save money at this popular pizza place in a number of ways. 

What Papa John’s Pizza Promotions Should you be Looking for

Once of the easiest ways to figure out which pizza promotions are being offered at your neighboring Papa John’s is to visit their website and type in your zip code. Scroll up to Specials and see what the current offerings are. You may find specials on their famous stuffed crust pizza, a discount for carryout, or a family special to feed your family dinner or impress your coworkers at lunch. They also offer additional promotions on sides, beverages, and other menu items. 

Papa John’s Secret Menu Lunch Specials

You may not be aware of it, but sometimes Papa John’s has a secret menu available. Items on this secret menu may include past items no longer offered on the regular menu, or it may have certain items offered at certain restaurant locations but not all of them. It is worth conducting an internet search or contacting the store closest to you to see if there are any secret discounts on pizza or other items. Some of these items may only be available for lunch, while some may be available at any time.  

Additional Ways to Save

Website promotions and secret menus are not the only way you can save money. When you sign up for text or email messages, you will receive special discounts only available for subscribers. You will also receive notifications regarding new or limited-time menu items.

If you order from Papa John’s on a regular basis (which you should), you need to enroll in Papa Rewards. With every dollar you spend, you earn points. Whether you do a weekly family dinner of pizza and wings, you regularly treat your office to a pizza party, or you like to frequent Papa John’s for a delicious lunch a couple times a week, it does not take long to build up points. Once you reach 75 points, you receive $10 to spend towards any menu item of your choice. As an additional bonus, as a rewards member you receive special offers not available for others.

Save Money at Papa John’s

Whether you always get the Works pizza, the BBQ wings, and garlic breadsticks, or you like to mix it up from time to time, you can enjoy a delicious meal at Papa John’s and save money while doing so. Try the pepperoni and 505 Hatch chile pizza or the double cheeseburger papadia. Be on the lookout for discounts on combinations for a multi-course meal. Search for specials, or have them delivered right to your smart phone. When you combine promotions with the rewards program, you