Phi Kappa Psi Lawrence Ks – Is Ilyes Ait Abdelkader A Suspect?

ilyes ait ku

Ilyes Ait Abdelkader, a member of Phi Kappa Psi allegedly assaulted a student. Stay with us to learn more about the matter.

Thousands of protestors assembled with the unified rally of “No means No”. They marched the road while chanting “Phi Kappa Psi has to go” holding the organization accountable.

People are skeptical about the values that have been holding Pho Kappa Psi in the University of Kansas (KU) for three centuries.

What is Phi Kappa Psi Lawrence Ks?

Phi Kappa Psi is the fraternity house of the University of Kansas. It is located in St. Lawrence, KS 66044, United States.

It was initially established by William H. Letterman and Charles P.T. Moore to help their friends and brothers who were suffering due to the typhoid epidemic at the college.

In 1852, February 19 allowed other members to join the club and now has flourished to various other Universities. It has been a part of the University of Kansas since 1876.

The fraternity was founded with the mission to complement the Universities’ activities through joint support. The club helps young men with their college experience through scholarship, financial management, and membership development.

But contrary to the 140 years old values that hold Phi Kappa Psi, one of its members has been accused of sexually assaulting a student of the University.

As a result, more than 100 angry protestors gather outside the fraternity house while casting doubt on the intent of the club.

The fraternity officials reported the assault happened on Saturday, 11th September.

Ilyes Ait Abdelkader is an alleged Suspect for the Assault And Rape

Ilyes Ait Adbelkader is being doubted as a suspect for the assault. The spokesperson of the organization also revealed that one of the new undergraduate members was involved in the allegation.

Ilyes Ait is a member of Phi Kappa Psi, who is an undergraduate at the University of Kansas.

Not much information has been revealed about the manner of assault. But a group of students believes that the victim was supposedly drugged and raped during a house party at the fraternity.

While the protest continued on Monday night, the officials from the organization were not available to make comments. We believe the investigation is still in progress.

People were seen trying to destroy the building with rage. They are demanding the investigation be taken seriously.

The protest has also been spreading through social media as “No Means No Peaceful Protest”.

The victim’s identity has not been revealed to protect their privacy amidst all the chaos.