Pictures And Photos Of Trashelle Odom – Origin and Net Worth Exposed

trashelle odom pictures

Trashelle Odom, the wife of John Odom, is trending on social media after she accused one of Trump’s close advisers. Let’s dig into this article to know further.

Trashelle Odom is an American woman and persona who’s identified as the spouse of a famed construction executive and also a Trump donor.

With her accusations of sexual assault towards a politician and one in every of Donald Trump’s closest aides, Corey Lewandowski, many factors are growing everywhere on the internet.

The information has created devastation in Trump’s office, and the general public has hit social media with their evaluations of the matter. Trump’s Super PAC fired the accused after the incident turned to the press.

John Odom Wife Trashelle Odom

Trashella Odom married Idaho construction enterprise leader John Odom a few years back. As in keeping with the enterprise’s website, they are the parents of 5 children.

At a Sunday dinner held on the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino’s Benihana restaurant, the Odam couples had been in most of the elite 24 outstanding Republican donors.

The occasion was additionally a part of the Victoria’s Voice Foundation’s four-day conference.

Pictures And Photos Of Trashelle Odom

Trashelle Odom’s pictures are available on her husband’s company profile.

She claims that former Trump campaign supervisor Corey Lewandowski’ stalked,’ groped, and made several undesirable sexual approaches closer to her at a charity dinner hosted at a Las Vegas Benihana over the weekend.

In testimony, she also said that Lewandowski often touched her whilst sat subsequent to her on the event, pursued her around, groped her leg and buttocks, and stalked her.

Trashelle Odom Origin

Judging from Trashelle Odom’s name, she is most likely carrying lineage from England.

The internet shows that the surname Odom has a protracted Anglo-Saxon Heritage, and usually, people with the surname belong to an English nationality.

However, a news source declares that she comes from Idaho. In addition, we aren’t positive if Odom is her surname or she transformed the surname after marriage together along with her husband.

Thus, for now, we can best declare that she is an American nationality who comes from Idaho.

Trashelle Odom Net Worth

Trashelle Odom’s net worth is not stated anywhere on the Internet yet. But given that she was attending the charity event of Trump on Sunday, she is believed to be quite rich.

We do not know what job she is involved in, however, her husband has a pretty excellent portfolio. She is the spouse of John Odom, who’s an proprietor of a production business enterprise.

According to his business enterprise profile, except being a skilled businessman withinside the production industry, he is likewise involved in expert racing.

He has won more than one race throughout America in his Nissan GTRs and has additionally beaten a number of the highest-ranked car drivers in the world.

Thus, we consider he also has an excellent net worth which automatically increases his wife Trashelle Odom’s net worth.