Politician: Is Tim James Related To Fob James? Everything To Know

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Fob James’s son, Tim James, is stepping into his father’s shoes as he re-enters politics with a candidacy from Alabama.

Tim James is an American businessman, specializing in the construction industry, who is re-entering politics.

He has filed for the political candidacy from Alabama and is currently busy in his campaign.

As of the current time, he is the president of Tim James Inc., an infrastructure company.

With the focus on toll road development, James has been in the construction business for a pretty long time and now he has addressed his decision to come into the political status.

As he is currently making headlines, many people wonder if Tim is actually related to Fob James, a former governor of Alabama.

Is Tim James Related To Fob James?

Yes. Tim James is indeed related to Fob James as they share a father and son relationship.

He was born as the only child to Fob and Bobbie James.

Although he was born in a political family, Tim focused more on business than on political matters at the start of his career.

It took him a few years to realize his interest in politics and now he is fighting for another election after two previous failed attempts in 2002 and 2010.

Just like his father Fob, Tim is also a member of the Republican Party and will be hoping to follow in his dad’s footsteps.

Tim James Wife And Children Details

Tim James is married to his wife, Angela, and the couple lives together with their children in Greenville.

It has been a few decades since they tied the knot and the couple is still living a happily married life.

Tim and his spouse, Angela, have two sons and one daughter in their family and they are Fleming, Tim Jr., and Sarah.

Unfortunately, any further details regarding their love life and family matters are uncovered by the media online.

What Is Tim James Net Worth In 2022?

Tim James reportedly has a net worth value of around $3- $5 million in 2022.

The above figure is estimated based on his business career and his work as a successful construction company in the country.

With more than two decades of involvement in his business, there is no doubt that the man has accumulated a pretty good wealth.

Nonetheless, the official sources are still to configure his valuation and thus we can only estimate the figure.