Putlocker Alternative Sites to Stream or Download movies free in 2022


With the growth of technology, anyone can watch movies, TV series, documentaries – and so much more –at just a click on their devices. The list of video-streaming websites has grown remarkably fast, telling how people are actually looking for some inexpensive, convenient alternative to theatres and paid channels.

Just till recent times, Putlocker was the ultimate destination for people like them. One of the most famous online streaming sites on the internet, it was actually under ‘block access’, put by the company on several major internet service providers. It left its fans disappointed and deprived from accessing their favorite movies and Television shows and series.

But let’s not worry anymore, as there are other ways you can enjoy these shows just like you did on Putlocker. Given below are some alternative sites for this famous one, where you can stream or even download, the ones you prefer – and that too for free. I mean, isn’t that great?

Putlocker Alternative Sites to Stream or Download movies free
Putlocker Alternative Sites to Stream or Download movies free

123 Movies
You must have already heard about this site. 123Movies is one of the cleanest sites for online streaming. It has an extensive collection, and does include cartoons, Korean and overall, Asian drama, anime and so much more – which is actually a primary reason why it sets out form other online streaming sites.

Solar Movies
An appealing design greets at the homepage of Solar Movies, one of the many reasons of its popularity, I must say. The trending movies top the list, along with a comprehensive guide of the synopsis of the story and the overall ratings of it. Users will have to register to create their own list of favorites, along with taking advantage of some other perks too. Its additional feature includes searching movies by country; that is something absolutely cool.

While the name seems somewhat weird and strange, lets be assured that the content is practically premium quality and simply, top notch! The trending movies are placed on the homepage, which you can open and start streaming as soon as is convenient for you. A large collection of especially hand-picked movies will greet you in the Cinema section of Rainierland, and let me tell you, you won’t be disappointed.

Popcornflix is a platform where you can get to see movies for free. From romance to sci-fi, many movies and series crop up in this site, available in their original language. There is a list of categories and genre – choose the one you want and sit with literal popcorns to enjoy Popcornflix.

Popcorn Time
It is understandable how these websites seem to use Popcorn in their names, and this one is one of the best. Popcorn Time allows you to download movies and series, in case you want to see them later, which is something most of them claims to offer, but the option doesn’t work either way. As usual – as is mostly the way with such online streaming websites –the movies and other videos are segregated into clean categories. The website will be able to give you the perfect experience to binge-watch your favorite videos; on its app as well!

While many websites and apps claim to give you free online video-streaming services, they, more often than not, turn out to be a total sham. These websites mentioned above are as trustworthy as Putlocker – and that is actually saying something. Go ahead and choose any one of them, as their functioning is somewhat similar to each other, and settle on couch with a bowl of popcorn and acoke. It’s going to be an entertaining time!