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From a devastating childhood to a successful life, the world comes to know about the story of Ray McElrathbey through a Disney’s movie named ‘Safety’. Ray McElrathbey’s childhood was not glamorous because his father was a gambling addict and his mother was a drug addict. So, Ray McElrathbey was handed over to a foster family. When he was 19 years old, he took custody of his 16 years old brother Fahmarr to protect him from a foster home. Ray started playing football to keep him distracted from his conditions and he loved his sport, but he could not continue with this. Struggling a lot in his life. He got success when his biopic was released by Disney. Ray McElrathbey married a beautiful lady named Brittany. There is not much information available for Ray McElrathbey wife but she is seven years younger than him.

Scroll down to read about Rey Mcelrathbey’s family background i.e., Ray McElrathbey wife, children, parents, and other information such as his Age, Net worth, NFL, Birthday, and safety (movie based on his life).

Who is Ray McElrathbey’s wife?

Ray McElrathbey’s wife Brittany Cieara McElrathbey is also known as Brit. Ray McElrathbey married a gorgeous girl seven years younger than him as she was born in 1993 and is 27 years old now. 

Not that much information is available about Ray’s personal life, as he has never talked about his wife and personal life.

What is Ray McElrathbey’s age? Let’s read…!!!

Ray McElrathbey was born on September 26, 1986, in Illinois, USA. Ray McElrathbey’s age is 34 years now and will turn 35 years by this September. 

Hopefully, Ray shares some interesting stories of his birth on his 35th birthday with his loving fans. Only this much information is available about Ray McElrathbey’s age and his birth.

What is Ray McElrathbey’s Net worth? Scroll down…!!!

Ray McElrathbey’s childhood was not full of struggles as he was trying harder to balance his school and sports career. Because of his family’s conditions, he was struggling a lot to manage his stuff. Doing several jobs to survive and become a guardian of his 11 years old brother at 19, it was tough to handle all. Ray McElrathbey’s net worth was nothing to be discussed according to that time.

But when Disney revealed his story on big screens, Ray McElrathbey climbs on the stairs of success. Being an owner of a fitness centre, Trucking company, and a safety foundation, Ray McElrathbey’s Net worth is valued at $30 million in 2021.

Did Ray McElrathbey play in the NFL?? Let’s find out…!!!

NFL (National football league) was started in 1920 in the USA. Ray McElrathbey never played in NFL. Clemson Tigers (football team of Clemson University, South Carolina) recruited him as a defensive back in 2005 and he played for them from 2005 to 2007. There are a lot of stories behind Ray McElrathbey’s NFL. But truth is that his career was ended in 2010 at Mars Hill University (Source: Greenville Online).

His struggling childhood and no support from his family was a major reason for a cutout from his football carrier and he could not make it to the NFL. This is the story behind Ray McElrathbey NFL. So, did Ray McElrathbey play in NFL is not more of a question now.

What about Ray McElrathbey’s parents? Where are they?

Ray’s father, Raheem Muhammad McElrathbey, was a gambling addict and his mother, Tonya McElrathbey, was a drug addict. Rey’s father is nowhere to be seen and his mother was sent for rehabilitation in 2016. 

Ray McElrathbey’s mother is completely sober now and has reunited with the family and is living in Atlanta, Georgia along with Ray Mcelrathbey’s wife and his three children.

Where is Ray McElrathbey’s brother?

Ray took full custody of his brother Fahmarr McElrathbey from his mother at 19. Because he does not want him to go to any foster family. Hides Fahmarr in his dorm with his roommate Daniel. 

Fahmarr is also known as Fay and is 26 years old now and will be 27 this year i.e. 2021. Currently, Fahmarr and Ray both are handling Ray Safety Net Foundation with their mother Tonya. Fahmarr is also into composing and producing music.

How many children does Ray have?

God bless Ray McElrathbey and his wife Brittany with 3 kids. Their names are Ramon, Tristan, and Quick. Ray is too close to them and is trying to be the best father according to his past struggling experience.

Where is Ray McElrathbey now? What is he doing?

In 2016, Ray in an interview with Post and Courier website said he is living with his family in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, he resides in Los Angeles and often travels to South Carolina and Atlanta to meet his brother.

Coming to social media, Ray is active on Instagram. His account name is raymcbey1 with 16.7k followers. 

Ray Mcelrathbey now is also on Twitter with the account name @McElrathBey. Recently tweeted about his movie safety.

Ray Mcelrathbey and his brother Fahmarr run the Ray Safety Foundation together with their mother Tanya. His mother is drug-free now. The Safety Foundation works for families who are at risk of separation because of substance abuse.

Rest you can see his tweets and posts on social platforms as told above.

Let’s see what Ray McElrathbey’s Wiki Bio says:

NameRay Ray McelrathBey
Height5 feet 11 inches
Weight88.4 Kg
ProfessionFormer Footballer
ChildrenRamon, Tristan, Quick
EducationMars Hill University


Ray McElrathbey’s life was not that easy during his struggling time and his biopic movie made by Disney motivates the young generation. He was highly motivated towards his favourite sport, football, but could not balance this with his personal life. His story from a struggler to a successful person has so much to inspire us for real.