Reddit: Shootashellz Death Pic: Autopsy and Video, Was He Shot?

shootashellz death

Shootashellz, the popular Chicago rapper was gunshot & killed in 2018. At present, his death pictures are spreading all over the internet. 

Shootashellz was one of the famous rappers in the United States. He has served the music industry with a total of twenty songs such as Price of the Streets (2017), Real Ones (2018), Mobbster (2018), and more.

Chicago rapper Shootazhellz was a controversial rapper. Reportedly, he had a good bond with a Black P Stone gang faction named Black Mobb.

The real name of Shootashellz was Cedron Doles, who earned popularity in Chicago’s drill music scene by taunting gang rivals with his lyrics. He released his rap video titled “Death of 150” on his YouTube in April 2017.

Reddit: Shootashellz’s Death Pictures

Shootshellz was gunshot in the head 15-18 times by the gang members of Stone faction No Limit. Currently, his death pictures are getting viral on the internet.

Recently, someone posted Shootashellz’s death picures on Reddit. In the pic, his face seems unrecognizable as he was shot right in the head.

As per reports, Bullets perforate his chest, right thigh, head, right calf, right foot, buttocks, and right arm. Also, he had a wound on his right wrist and left forearm.

Learn About Shootashellz Autopsy And Video

Shootashellz’s death videos aren’t available as people were panic at the scene of his massacre. He was gunshot possibly more than 15 times as seen in the pictures.

The death pictures of Shootashellz are hitting the web. As per his autopsy reports, he was killed badly shooting all over his body.

Doles could be heard online in the music video “Death of 150” for several months leading up to his death. As per the FBI, he and other directed “numerous menacing threats” in the song toward No Limit and includes three slain members of the gang.

Was Shootashellz Gun Shot?

Shootashellz was killed in a gunshot on the morning of 10th July. As per some sources, he was leaving somewhere in his car.

At the time of Shootashellz’s massacre, he was in the Auburn Freshman community. He was shot multiple times by three men from a White Nissan Altima.

Shootashellz was shot on his head and body badly. He was found collapsed mortally wounded in the street when the police arrived.

In the autopsy, Shootashellz’s body was found with almost 43 shells casings near his body. Police found him in the 8100 block of South Paulina Street.