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Restaurante Chino Cerca de Mi – Talking about Chinese foods and restaurants, it seems never to end. Yes, the taste of Chinese foods has been really famous all around the world including in the area of Europe. It can be seen from so many numbers of Chinese restaurants spreading in European big cities. Well even in Spain that has been popular with its own foods, the Chinese culinary can be simply found there.

In its origin, the Chinese foods themselves are really various. It is influenced by the conditions of nature as well as the locations. In Spain, it seems some Chinese restaurants also follow those rules. As a result, some cuisines made are fused with the local taste although there are some others that still maintain the original tastes.

So, what are the most recommended restaurante Chino cerca de mi? Here they are for you.

Out of China

Out of China

If you are in Barcelona and suddenly you want to taste the Chinese foods, there is Out of China. It is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in this area with a high variety of menu, starting from the traditional to the contemporary ones. Not only is it about the delicious cuisines originally from China and some other areas of Asia, but the atmosphere of the restaurant is also really oriental.

Some of the cuisines offered are the fusion foods like the Spicy Prawn Crackers, Crispy Duck Roll, Mini Spring Rolls with Cheese and Chinese chive, and Mini Shrimp Hamburgers with Curry Sauce. However, if you want to try the original Chinese ones, there are wonton soup, stir-fried Pak Choi and garlic, chicken and noodle soup, and many more.

To visit Out of China, here is the address; Carrer d’Aribau, 112 08033 Barcelona Spain. For ordering, the phone number is +34 934 515 555 and the official website is

Restaurante CHAN Street

Restaurante Chino Cerca De Mi

From Barcelona, we move to the capital city of Spain, it is Madrid. One of the best restaurante Chino cerca de mi is namely Restaurante CHAN Street. Similar to Out of China, it offers you various Chinese menus whether they are traditional or fused by the other cuisines. Meanwhile, the restaurant itself is very comfortable with its Oriental decoration as well as the services are satisfying.

Some menus are the combinations of Chinese and Spanish tastes. It can be seen from the names of foods that are mostly in Spanish. Some examples are Costillas fritas, Ensalada de Wakame y Pepino, Dumpling al vapor, Mini Rollitos vegetales, and Rollitos de mango con gamba.

However, there are also some foods that are presented in their original language, Chinese. They are Si xi jiao zi, Xiao long bao, Huang jin chao fan, Ao men chao fan, and more. Well, they are really unique, aren’t they?

To enjoy all the Chinese-Spanish foods, you need to visit this restaurant at the Calle de Barbieri 4, 28004 Madrid or phone at +34 034 910 528 720. It opens from 1.30 to 3.30 pm for lunch and 20.30 to 23.00 pm for dinner. For more information, go to

Melo Jia

Melo Jia

Next, there is Melo Jia in the area of Eixample, Barcelona. It brings out the concept of traditional Chinese foods initially. But then, some menus adapt the local culinary so that you can still enjoy the Spanish taste here. Interestingly, the process of cooking still maintains the traditional methods. So, anything in this restaurant is just unique but delicious.

Then, what are the menus offered here anyway? There are the tasty Dim Sum de gambas al vapor, dim sum de 4 estaciones al vapor and Ensalada de tofu fresco con cebolla tierna as the starter. For the main course, there are pasta de arroz salteada con verdura, tortilla y cangrejo, arros can melo, and more. Well, although all of them are presented in Spanish, the original taste of China can just be simply found in those cuisines.

To eat all of those foods, make sure to go directly to the restaurant addressed at Carrer de Corsega, 250, 08008 Barcelona. For the delivery service of this restaurante Chino cerca de mi, call at +34 930 00 92 78.

Restaurante de Sichuan

Restaurante de Sichuan

Sichuan is one of the areas in the mainland of China that is famous for its richness of the culinary. Interestingly, a piece of Sichuan is now available in Madrid, Spain. It offers you the traditional foods of Sichuan on their original tastes. But if you want to enjoy them alongside with the taste of Spanish, it is possible also.

Not only is it regarding the foods, even the interior decorations, food arrangements, and the services are so oriental in this restaurante Chino cerca de mi. Once you are there, it seems you are really in Sichuan China. The menus are presented in Spanish indeed to let the local people how they look like. But the tastes are so much Sichuan, China. What are they?

They are Tentaculos de Calamares con Salsa Picante y Salsa Soja, Loncha de ternera con Sala Picante y Salsa Soja, Olla de costilla Iberica, Costilla Iberica Salteado Picante, and more. Those foods are divided into some categories; Hot Pot de Sichuan, Lubina douban, Cazuelas, and some others.

Restaurante de Sichuan is located at calle Caballero de Gracia, 8, 28013 Madrid, Spain. Meanwhile, the phone number is +34 914 26 64 53.

Toy Panda Baos & Asian Delight

Toy Panda Baos & Asian Delight

Still in Madrid, another recommended Chinese restaurant is Tow Panda Bao & Asian Delight. The foods offered are famous to be really delicious by maintaining the original oriental tastes. Then, if you want to eat some cuisines with Spanish fusion, there are available also.

The menus of this restaurante Chino cerca de mi are various including the spring vegetable roll, prawn chips, steam meat dumpling, sweet corn soup with chicken, Cantonese fried rice, rice with pineapple, and more. In general, there are 3 categories; Anti-pasta appetizers, zuppa soup, and riso rice.

Toy Panda Baos & Asian Delight is located at calle de Alamada, 1 and Calle del Espirinto Santo, 7 Madrid. Meanwhile, the phone number of this restaurante Chino cerca de mi is +34 912 97 65 17 and +34 917 72 80 28.