Ron Jeremy (and his huge penis) has always been a creep – Here’s why


Ron Jeremy is a prolific pornstar, in fact, he has the Guinness World Record for appearing in the most adult films. Jeremy has been known to make appearances in more mainstream media from time to time too – he was even a contestant on Wheel of Fortune at one point.

Jeremy, despite literally getting paid to commit sexual acts, has over the years been accused of a number of sexual assaults by more than a dozen different women. Many of the statements say these events took place at fan conventions where he would grope attendees and even insert his fingers into them without permission.

This week Ron Jeremy was charged with three cases of forcible rape and one case of sexual assault. His bail is $6.6 million and his arraignment is on Friday. According to CNN, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Special Victims Bureau spent two years investigating the allegations.

Ron Jeremy faces a potential maximum sentence of 90 years to life, if he’s convicted of all the current charges. The company, Golden Artists Entertainment, which represents Ron Jeremy has announced they’re dropping him, and will no longer be working with him.

While many accusations have been pointed at Ron Jeremy in the past, no criminal charges have been made previously. In 2017 he was banned from a popular national adult convention called Exxxotica. Webcam model Ginger Banks was at the helm of the movement to get him banned. The Free Speech Coalition, which had awarded him the Positive Image Award in 2009 also took back their acknowledgment of Ron Jeremy around this time.

Many of the previous accusations took place in 2017 during the #MeToo movement. A Rolling Stone article cited more than twelve women with stories about Ron Jeremy. He denied all accusations at the time and no criminal charges were made. Though Jeremy claimed there were investigations that led to the dismissal of the charges.

The allegations for which Ron Jeremy is currently charged span from 2014 to as recently as 2019. More than one of the charges are said to have taken place in the same West Hollywood bar. As of now, the women who have accused Ron Jeremy are being kept anonymous for their safety.

For many years there have been whispers about Ron Jeremy and those in the industry usually told one another to be wary of him, but now he has been officially charged for the first time.