Serverwala: Reasons to Recommend Them for Dedicated Server USA



    In the era of advancing technology, your business must build its identity on some online platform. Moreover, it must be able to reach web users from all over the world. We all know that this is made possible through web hosting. There are different kinds of web hosting services available in the industry. However, in order to advance your business on a long-term basis, you will have to end with dedicated web hosting. Here you will find the reason behind considering dedicated web hosting the superior choice.  

    Of course, it is crucial to find the most fit web hosting for your web business. However, it is more crucial to find a reliable hosting provider rendering the needed service. Thus, in this article, you will also get insights into the hosting provider delivering the cheap dedicated server in USA. First, let us begin with acquiring knowledge about a USA dedicated server.

    Intro: Dedicated Server USA

    The server that enables you to host your entire web business on it is called a dedicated server. As the name suggests, the dedicated server USA hosting will let you have the complete server and its resources operating for your business needs. You may use your server for any of the following tasks-

    • Hosting your business website
    • Hosting your website while sharing the unused space with others’ websites
    • Starting reseller hosting business
    • Running databases
    • Hosting resource-intensive applications
    • Hosting game applications and for many other purposes.

    The dedicated server in USA can provide you with enough freedom to run your web business with ease and high efficiency. Hop to the next section to know how it can work best for your web business than other hosting servers.

    What are the types of web hosting, and which Hosting is right for you?

    Other than dedicated server hosting USA, you can find two common types of web hosting services – Shared server and VPS. Let us understand how all these web hosting services are distinct in nature.

    The shared server hosting makes you share the space of the server with other users. Your website needs to share the web resources with other websites. Also, it is required to share the same IP address with other websites. You acquire limited access to the resources. And, you will have to stick to the operating system that your hosting provider utilizes. Suppose any other website takes away more resources at a particular moment in time. Then, your website might wait to use the resources until they get free. Consequently, your website’s performance can get potentially disturbed. Moreover, the shared server is the cheapest option you can have to host your website.

    Talking about the VPS web hosting, it also makes you share the server space with other users. However, your website acquires a virtual, private hosting platform and independent access to the needed resources. Thus, your website does not need to struggle or wait for the usage of resources. The virtual private server comes at an affordable cost. Further, it serves as the middle pathway between USA dedicated server and shared server. With VPS, you will not have to face the restraints of a shared server. And, at the same time, you can also experience the partially dedicated hosting environment.

    Coming back to the Dedicated Server in USA, we have already discussed its functioning in the previous section. While you have just started your web business, you can opt for either shared or VPS hosting depending on your needs. As at that stage, you will not require many resources and much control on your server. But when you require the following benefits and privileges, the Dedicated Server USA becomes the right choice for your business –

    • Complete control over your server
    • Right to configure and customize your server at the root level
    • Dedicated IP address
    • High level of security
    • Right to install required OS, applications, and other programs
    • Optimized website performance
    • Efficient management of the high volume of web traffic

    About Serverwala

    The dedicated server in USA comes relatively at a high cost as compared to other hosting servers. After much research, we have found one hosting company delivering a cheap Dedicated Server USA with high-grade facilities. The company is known by the name Serverwala, which is also one of the top-leading organizations in the world. The Serverwala hosting company offers enterprise-grade hardware and high-class hosting services at a low cost. It aims to support its clients’ business goals and necessities at every stage. Check out the features and plans of the company’s cheap dedicated server USA hosting in the subsequent sections.

    Features of Serverwala Dedicated Server USA

    SSH Root Control

    You will get complete authority over your best dedicated server USA. Your hosting provider will make it possible by providing you SSH root control of your server. Through root access, you will be able to perform server configurations and customization with utmost ease.

    Data Encryption

    Serverwala’s dedicated server in USA comes with firewall security and the highest data protection measures. You will be able to secure your business website by encrypting your data and executing protection layers. These layers will include security measures while incorporating DDoS protection and SSL. Moreover, you will also be able to include safety features from your end to prevent your data from all other outside attacks.

    Robust and secure network

    With a dedicated server in USA, your website will obtain secure connections from the Serverwala data centers. The company’s data centers will provide network connectivity combined amidst the multiple Internet Exchanges. The industry-leading service providers will be involved in rendering Extreme-IX – Bandwidth, Extreme-IX, DE-CIX, and NIXI robust networks.

    24/7/365 customer and technical support

    The company offers round-the-clock customer and technical assistance through its experienced experts. Further, you can connect with them through your preferred networks. They can be reached out over – Whatsapp, Live Chat, Skype, Phone, Email. All the company’s professionals are certified and trained. They provide an instant response to your queries. Also, they will give you the best possible answers and solutions in the least time. Whether you choose managed or unmanaged hosting plans, you can get 24/7/365 support from the company.

    100% Uptime guarantee

    Your website will be able to achieve the maximum uptime network with a dedicated server in USA. The company further will let your website have the fastest network and premium bandwidth.

    Serverwala Best Plan and Packages of Dedicated Server in USA

    Serverwala offers a varied array of plans and packages for a cheap dedicated server in USA. The company makes it possible for you to utilize your server flexibly with each plan. You can also scale up the resources or upgrade your plans easily in no time. While scaling or upgrading, your web business will not face any halt in any way. It can continue operating smoothly without a disturbance.

    Wind Up 

    With Serverwala company, you can opt for any of the managed or unmanaged hosting packages. It is highly suggested for you to pick the managed plans if you are a newbie. Also, if you are required to devote your time to other activities or tasks, a managed hosting plan is your ideal choice. On the other hand, you can pick unmanaged hosting plans if you wish to run and manage your server entirely on your own. Furthermore, you can browse Serverwala’s website to know more about its best-dedicated server in USA.