Should you invest in EOS?


With the crypto world making huge strides, it is viable for new traders to take an interest in the phenomenon. Entering the crypto realm can be overwhelming, especially with 7,800 cryptocurrencies to choose from. However, names like EOS remain a reliable choice regardless of a trader’s market experience.

Currently valued at $ 11.43, the crypto project surprised the industry as one of the most successful ICOs of all time. EOS has racked up over $ 4 billion in a year and is a viable crypto choice even in 2021.

According to CoinSwitch EOS Price Prediction, it is expected to climb to $ 100 by 2025. Given its estimated growth rate, that figure seems fairly achievable.

What is EOS?

Launched in 2017, EOS is one of the most successful initial coin offerings to date. Posted by Block.One, the project was developed by CTO Dan Larimer (founder of Steemit and BitShares).

It is the native crypto under the EOS.IO blockchain protocol. The EOS protocol is a smart contract-based platform for decentralized protocols and applications. These applications and protocols are developed as enterprise solutions for computer processing hardware, computing resources, and storage.

EOS also released a white paper in 2017 and launched an ICO, racking up $ 4.197 billion in one year.

Historical EOS Data

EOS was launched in 2017 with an initial price of $ 1.03. Before the end of the year, EOS managed to cross the $ 10 mark on several occasions. But it was in 2018 that the crypto hit the $ 20 mark, hitting $ 22.89. However, the year ended with a drastic drop in EOS to $ 1.74.

Come 2019, and EOS fell back to $ 8.52, but it ended the year again at a low of $ 2.62. 2020 has been a relatively stable year for OS, as it started at $ 2.59 and ended at $ 2.62.

Experts talk about EOS Growth

Like all other crypto, the price of EOS is also dependent on BTC shares. Generally, if Bitcoin faces a bullish period, the industry rises and vice versa. The health epidemic has sent the industry on a downward spiral, but 2021 has been an incredible year for cryptocurrencies.

According to Michael Novogratz (founder of Galaxy Digital), Block.One is a crucial partner and he believes EOS will outperform the competition. According to Ali Ayyash (founder and CEO of Lumeous), EOS will become the largest blockchain on the web.

Which is better to trade EOS or invest in EOS?

The future of EOS depends heavily on its ability to outperform ETH. Most investors think the risk is too high; thus, they consider EOS to be a good trading option. To get the most out of EOS trading, investors also try EOS CFDs. Hence, it is safe to say that EOS trading is currently the best choice.

EOS price prediction for the coming years

EOS is now valued at $ 11.43, and experts say it will continue to grow. According to Trading Beaststhe crypto will remain at $ 11.53. By 2022, the crypto will be valued at around $ 12.24.

In 2023, EOS is expected to end the year at $ 13.23. In 2024, EOS is expected to hit $ 14.32, according to Trading Beasts. While many predictions follow a similar growth pattern, some, like CoinSwitch, believe the crypto will cross the $ 100 mark by 2025. Visit for a detailed analysis of the EOS price predictions.

The future of the EOS coin

As EOS is currently placed at $ 11.43, this is a viable investment option. However, crypto has a history of significant price fluctuation. This is why investors tend to avoid long term investments. Still, many believe that EOS will experience an uptrend and end at $ 30 within a few years. Depending on its ability to surpass ETH, EOS could become the most notable project on the web.


Being associated with fame is nothing new to EOS as it is one of the most successful ICOs of all time. Over the years, the crypto has seen significant fluctuations, but it seems to be getting back on track. It is currently placed stably above the $ 11 mark, and experts see it growing gradually from that state.

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