Six skin care and hygiene tips to prevent acne outbreaks and other skin problems after exercise


Regular exercise can not only help you maintain a healthy body and mind, but also enhance the beauty of your skin and make you glow. But those who exercise regularly also encounter many skin-related problems.

For some people, acne outbreaks become a problem, while others have boils, acne, or fungal infections. Vigorous exercise can cause sweating, which helps you expel toxins from the system. It also opens pores, allowing dirt and impurities to enter the skin more easily.

Therefore, you need a good pre-workout and post-workout skin care routine and some basic hygiene habits to avoid acne and skin problems after exercise. Here are some steps that may prove useful.

Always appear with a clean face

No one should exercise with makeup. So, no matter who will see you in the gym, be sure to clean your face before exercising.

If you exercise while applying makeup, it will penetrate into your skin and clog your pores. After cleansing, the second step is to apply a suitable moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated, but make sure that the moisturizer has the right consistency and texture to prevent the skin from becoming greasy.

Permeable fabric

Many people suffer from hip acne and back acne, and vigorous exercise will exacerbate these conditions as sweat accumulates in these areas. Therefore, invest in good sportswear and wear clothes that allow your skin to breathe.

Towels are your best exercise partner

Make sure you don’t forget to bring a hand towel to the gym or yoga class. If you let sweat enter your body, it will increase the chance of fungal infections. Therefore, during exercise, take regular breaks to wipe off sweat. Also, please make sure not to touch your face frequently with your hands. When exercising, we tend to use many shared machines. Therefore, it is best to keep your hands away from your face, so as to keep bacteria away.

Tie up hair

Tie your hair properly before starting the exercise so that there is no hair on your face. Usually, contact with the hair, dirt and sweat on our face can also cause acne, so please make sure to lock all loose hair in place.

Take a shower after exercise

After exercise, ideally, take a shower to remove sweat.If this is not possible, please wash your face and pat your body dry to remove excess sweat and not cause any skin problems

Rubbing ice on the face

If you find that your face has too many open pores, wipe ice or use toner after washing your face. These two things help shrink pores and reduce redness after exercise.