Soge Coin Is Now Available in The Ethereum mainnet “Cryptocurrency”


SOGE is a fundamental ERC-20 coin that promotes and promotes space exploration. The tokens of the team can be utilized to establish several partners with observatories in high-altitude areas. These observatories are used to create customized NFT’s using stunning photos of the sky at night.



Market Cap:

$2,328.11 B USD

24H Change:


24H Volume:

$218.67 B USD


BTC: 40.34%, ETH: 21.26%

ETH Gas:

47 Gwei

The NFT platform will include smart contracts that will automatically inject liquidity into the pair SOGE/ETH. In all 70% of the Ethereum proceeds from sale will be

injected into liquidity, and the other 30% will be used to fund development funds.

SOGE Coin Price and Market Data

The SOGE value at present will be $0.0000000033 USD (39.1907 percent)with a 24-hour trading volume of . It has a circulation supply of zero SOGE coins, and an overall supply of 100 Trillion.

SOGE is an essential ERC-20 coin that encourages and promotes space exploration. The tokens of the team used to create different partners that have observatories located in high-altitude areas. These observatories can use to make customized NFT’s using stunning photographs of night skies.


Total Supply: 100 TRILLION


BURN STOP: 30 trillion dollars of TOKENS


Marketing – 5.5%

Development – 5 %

General Public 90% of the general public.

Where and How to Purchase SOGE?

Soge coin

It is now available in the Ethereum mainnet. The token address for SOGE is 0x41933422dc4a1cb8c822e06f12f7b52fa5e7e094. Be wary of buying any other token that has the same smart contract as the one you have (as it could be fraudulent). We recommend being cautious and remain safe during the duration of the launch. Don’t let your excitement consume your attention.

Make sure you have enough Ethereum in your account to pay for transaction costs.

It is necessary to purchase one of the main cryptocurrency, typically Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) Tether (USDT), Binance (BNB)