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Are we not tired of having actresses all surging from the United States? The great news is that we have a talent from a different region in the name of Sola Zola. This article shows more information about the actress including Sola Zola WikiBio, Boyfriend, Instagram, Net Worth, Videos, Real Name, and more.

SolaZola (Sola Zola) Wiki/Bio

SolaZola also referred to as Sola Zola is a well-known Estonian actress with Russian ancestry. SolaZola was born in Moscow on December 12th, 1999 even though she is an Estonian.

Like many adult actresses, she started starring in adult videos just recently in 2017, having reached adult age. Being the face of Estonians in the adult industry, Sola Zola has gained so much attention and has people watched her videos worldwide.

SolaZola Biography

Solazola is a self-employed adult actress who works under her own brand. Solazola stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 50 kilograms. There are few things the actress has kept away from the general public however, few have been discovered through our research.

Sola has remained silent about her educational background, and we have no idea whether she graduated from high school or college. We also have no information about her parents or early childhood.

She began her career as an adult actress in 2017 as stated previously, and her video includes other female actors.

Solazola is not employed by any company (she has not signed any contracts). Zola prefers to film her own video and then upload it to an adult entertainment streaming service. As of May 2021, she had 382 million views and over 770k subscribers on p*rnhub, with only 124 videos uploaded.

SolaZola’s Background and Career

On her personal website, the actress described herself in a brief but entertaining manner. She said:

Solazola was born on December 12, 1999, in Moscow. Her family was typical of many Russian families. The school, early mornings every day, short sunny days, uninteresting school activities, and an insatiable desire to grow faster and become more self-sufficient. She had money, but she always desired more. She has always enjoyed gymnastics and figure skating since she was a child. She loved the winter holidays because she could ice skate all day in the city center. She later became acquainted with snowboarding.

Solazola’s father took the family to a ski resort for the first time when she was 15, and she has been in love with snowboarding ever since. She never put much emphasis on her appearance and lived an ordinary life, savoring every day and its sweet moments in a serene and carefree manner. She looked in the mirror after a little maturation and saw a true Cinderella, a full-fledged woman, incredibly attractive and full of vital beauty. A once-in-a-million chance to be beautiful. As a result, the future name Solazola was created; Cinderella in Russian sounds like “Zolushka” That is why the second part of the name is Zola.

When she was 17, she met a guy (looking ahead) you’ve seen a lot of times. He became her sole partner and, eventually, her legal husband. That man was the one who threw a wrench in our future actress’s life. Sola was in college at the time, and she was supposed to graduate a year later, after which she was supposed to enter university, but her plans changed dramatically.

She was consumed by a young soul’s love and passion. They spent entire days together, laughing, fooling around, and having as much fun as their finances would allow. But they didn’t have much money at the time. But their desire to travel did not go away; on the contrary, it grew at an alarming rate. They resolved to obtain money and begin traveling in order to explore this wonderful and beautiful world.

There is nothing better than what Mother Nature has created. In support of this, Solazola’s incredible natural beauty presented an unexpected gift for herself. Again, playing the fool, her boyfriend offered to film them together jokingly, and… she agreed. When she was 18, this happened for the first time. It was an unforgettable and enjoyable experience in her life.

She enjoyed it a lot. Completely fool around like this. As a result, it was decided to post the newly created video on one of the most popular adult video websites. She had her doubts, but she didn’t see anything wrong with it because she did it with her beloved young man and only.

The outcome of a simple joke did not keep them waiting. Nonetheless, such a wonderful beauty is not commonly found on the Internet. Fans fell in love with Sola right away. Every day, their popularity grew exponentially. She was named the 2019 discovery of the year after gaining over 100 million views in just six months. Sola married her lover and embarked on a long journey.

They traveled to Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the United States, and a few other beautiful countries around the world. Tallinn, a small city in Eastern Europe, became their new home. They will relocate to Estonia for permanent residence in 2019. From there, they begin cutting videos one by one from their cozy apartment. She is currently one of the top five most in-demand actresses on the most popular adult website, and this is only the beginning of her amateur career.

Secrets of SolaZola

Of course, you’ll say right away that there’s no special secret here, just a lovely figure and a lovely face. But, aside from her appearance, Sola has incredible luck. After all, her figure, face, and, most importantly, her extremely young age all play an important role. She is only 20 years old and has the rest of her life ahead of her. Her measurements are as follows:

Breast: 34″ (86cm)
Waist: 24″ (61cm)
Hips: 36″ (91cm)
Height: 5’8″ (172cm)
Weight: 111lbs. (50kg)

Tattoos And Dogs of SolaZola

Nothing is implanted inside Sola’s body. Everything is natural. However, she has a few tattoos on her body. She is a novice in this regard, but perhaps in the future, she will experiment with a variety of colors on her body, and we will witness it. She adores the culture of displaying one’s inner world and mental state on the skin’s surface.

On the left rib, there are two pines. She got this tattoo before leaving her parents’ house, and it was inspired by a meeting with her lovely man. That is why there are two peonies depicted. The second piece is a counter of a small star on the right hip. Sola proved to be a very modest young lady, as she got this tattoo after her video was viewed over 350 million times.

Six months ago, another love entered her life in the form of a wonderful doggie named Puccini. She spends the entire day having fun with her faithful companion, strolling around the outskirts of Tallinn, driving a car, and traveling around Europe. Who knows if the pet that appeared in Sola’s life is training to be a future mother for her. We’ll have to wait and see how everything turns out in the future.

SolaZola Boyfriend

Wondering who is SolaZola’s boyfriend or if she has any? Solazola is currently dating a man whose name and appearance have not been revealed. In Solazole videos, he always plays the roles of Boyfriend, Husband, Brother, Stepbrother, and others. However, sources have revealed that she has married him, but we have no details or evidence to back this up.

SolaZola Contacts

The actress has no physical contacts made public however she has active Instagram, Facebook and Twitter handles where she shares videos and pictures.

SolaZola Twitter: The sensational actress has over 386.5K Followers on Twitter and more videos as well as Pictures. You may follow her if you wish.

SolaZola Instagram: Zola is always active on Instagram. As of writing this SolaZola biography, the actress had 462k followers with many nice photos.

SolaZola Net Worth

SolaZola has an estimated net worth of 500,000 dollars as of 2021. Even though reporting sources didn’t provide a confirmed link as evidence of the claim, she is believed to have made much from her videos and endorsement deals.


– How old is SolaZola?

SolaZola is only 21 years as of May 2021. She was born on December 12, 1999.

– Is SolaZola Married? 

There are no records of SolaZola being married however from her profile, the actress’s relationship status is “Taken”. It indicates SolaZola is not single. In her videos, she is believed to be married to the guy who normally appears with her.

– Where does SolaZola live?

SolaZola currently lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

– What is SolaZola’s real name?

SolaZola’s real name is currently unknown. We will keep this post updated shortly if her actual name is discovered.