Swaggersouls: Who is Swaggersouls face? SwaggerSouls’ face reveal rumors, Personal Life & Net Worth details


Eric Vivian Matthew, alias SwaggerSouls, is a social media personality, YouTuber, and avid gamer. He has millions of fans on Instagram and Twitter. However, most people know the faceless YouTuber for his live-action skits and gameplay streams on YouTube and Twitch. Why does SwaggerSouls hide his face? 

Besides his gaming skills and unmatched knowledge of different topics, SwaggerSouls is synonymous with his faceless identity. His decision to conceal his face during streams makes him exceptional in a niche where streamers love publicity.

Profile summary

Name: Eric Vivian Matthew 

Professional name: SwaggerSouls

Profession: Streamer, Podcaster, and Social Media Personality

Date of birth: February 24, 1994

Nationality: American 

Relationship status: Single 

Early life 

What is SwaggerSouls’ real name?

His fellow podcasters at Misfits call him Eric Vivian Matthew. He was born on February 24, 1994, to American parents. Although the streamer has never disclosed details about his family, he is from the State of Idaho. 

What nationality is SwaggerSouls?

He is an American. In the past five years, his fans have noted his constant use of British slang words. However, he was born and raised in the USA. Also, in his streams, Eric makes references to his state of birth. Besides, his state of birth and year of birth, less is known about his education. Also, almost no one knew about SwaggerSouls before 2015 when he created his YouTube channel


Apart from hiding his face, the YouTuber has successfully kept his relationship status private. In a series of instances on his podcast, the Misfits, SwaggerSouls has avoided talking about his love life. While Eric has managed to keep his relationship status away from the public, there are rumors about his love life. For years, people have believed that HeyImBee is SwaggerSouls girlfriend. The main reason for the rumor is HeyImBee’s closeness to the YouTuber. For example, the Australian YouTuber shared a picture with a helmet similar to SwaggerSouls’ signature item. However, the two have never refuted or commented on the rumor. 

SwaggerSouls’ face puzzle

Has SwaggerSouls done a face reveal? While the most-watched video on his YouTube channel is titled “The Face Reveal” he did not reveal his face. However, it is a compilation video with all prominent streamers wearing the same helmet. 

PewDiePie’s appearance was, however, impressive. The popular streamer made some references insinuating that he is the real SwaggerSouls. However, his claim of being SwaggerSouls is incorrect because of many reasons. For example, there are some instances where both YouTubers have streamed at the same time. 

Why does SwaggerSouls hide his face? After many years of speculations about why he hides his face, the talented gamer confessed that the main reason was to remain anonymous, even with a massive following. 

Speaking to his fellow Misfits Podcast hosts in June 2020, he shared some of his earlier ideas of hiding his identity such as “shrinking his face” on streams. However, hiding his face — with different outfits — was the perfect idea to separate his offline persona from the popular online personality. 

SwaggerSouls memes about his face have also been popular, especially on Twitter and Reddit. Interestingly, he has recreated some memes by toying with the idea of revealing his face. For example, the YouTuber shared a video on Twitter, which people have described as the epitome of memes about him. 


As one of the most skilled gamers, SwaggerSouls has different occupations. Interestingly, most of his work involves social media, where appearance is everything, yet he has achieved a lot without revealing his face. Some of his work highlights include.

 As a YouTuber 

SwaggerSouls launched his gaming career on YouTube in 2015. Like many gamers, he was reluctant to stream his games on the platform, due to unknown reasons. However, when he started streaming on YouTube, his channel grew to become one of the most-watched gaming channels.

Currently, SwaggerSouls has over 4.6 million subscribers and close to 400 million views in five years. The stats mean that his channel is one of the critical revenue streams for the gamer. 

Besides the regular AdSense revenue from YouTube, the streamer has a dedicated community. Like other big channels, SwaggerSouls has fans that support his channel through partnerships. Also, he has had sponsors before. 

SwaggerSouls as a Twitch streamer

SwaggerSouls Twitch channel is one of the most-followed channels on the platform. He streams at least once every day. Thanks to his consistency, the channel has grown to over one million followers. Apart from being anonymous, viewers love his streams because of two reasons. 

SwaggerSouls’ face reveal rumours

In one Misfits podcast, SwaggerSouls explains he wears a helmet or mask as he values remaining anonymous while having such a large following. He says he likes being able to meet people who treat him normally as they don’t know who he is. The man behind the mask. So close, yet so far… A few times we’ve been close to seeing his face, including this time when a fan took a picture of him mask-less at a party. They caught him before he could show the snap to anyone, though.

As a podcaster 

Besides streaming on Twitch and YouTube, SwaggerSouls is a podcaster at Misfits. Together with TobyontheTele, Zuckles, McCreamy, notorious, and Fitz, they have successfully created a channel in the ever-growing podcasting space. Swaggersouls with other members of the Misfits.

Misfits Podcast is famous for different reasons. For example, it is remorselessly funny, and the choice of topics makes it unique, especially compared to other popular podcasts. Thanks to its uniqueness, the channel has grown to become one of the most listened/watched podcasts. According to Nice Events, the podcast has over seven million loyal fans across all platforms. 

Social media personality 

The faceless YouTuber has close to one million active followers on Instagram. He also has over 1.3 million followers on Twitter. While he is busy with streaming and discussing different topics with his fellow podcasters, the American streamer works as an influencer or online marketer. However, he only takes gigs that match his brand as an online streamer and tech enthusiast. 

SwaggerSouls net worth and income streams 

SwaggerSouls net worth is unknown. However, FangWallet estimates his worth to be around $1.1 million. As one of the most followed personalities in the gaming community, SwaggerSouls earns more from the revenue generated from his two platforms more than his online shop. 

Since Eric’s income depends on how many streams he has done in a month, it is hard to make a rough estimate of how he earns in a year. However, he is one of the top earners in the world of gaming. 

Podcasting is also another significant revenue stream for the gamer. While details about their revenues (and how they share revenue) are unknown, the platform is one of the key revenue streams as a gaming personality. 

Through his online shop, SwaggerSouls is also able to supplement his income from gaming. The gamer sells merchandise. While selling merchandise is common in the gaming community, SwaggerSouls merch is unique and reflects his gaming character. Also, he ships the clothing and other merchandise to all countries with USPS connections.

Despite being a faceless YouTuber, SwaggerSouls is one of the most followed gaming personalities. He has successfully redefined what it means to be a streamer in a world where visibility and personal life display are the norms.