The Dirty D Season 2 Release Date Tubi Set For May 2023

the dirty d season 2 release date

The Dirty D Season 2 release date Tubi is May 5, 2023. The Dirty D Season 2 Episode 4 will be released in June 2023.

Filmmaker Lisa has brought the second season of the most awaited series that depicts the life of people who cannot differentiate the perks of being assertive.

The series loosely discusses the misuse of illegal substances with money and intimate relationships. It shows the side effects of narcotics and power, which always come with a cost.

Furthermore, the show’s plot shows a squandering power couple who prey upon hostile and dissatisfied young individuals manoeuvring the procrastination of fame, wealth and seduction.

Following the first season’s success, filmmaker Lisa Brown is back with the second season, which is anticipated to be more captivating than the first season.

Like the first season, the series is expected to have actors Phillip Granger, Mena Monroe, Demaris Harvey, James Perkins, and Makeiva Albritten arema as the cast members.

The Dirty D Season 2 Release Date On Tubi

The Dirty D season 2 release date tubi is May 5, 2023. The exclusive premiere of the show will be organized by the cast members.

There are a total of 3 episodes this season that fans can watch for free on Tubi.

Based on fans of Facebook, the Dirty D season 2 episode 4 release date has been set for June 2023. Season 3 of the series has not yet been announced.

Tubi is an online platform owned by Fox Corporations, based in Los Angeles, California. The streaming platform was launched on 1st April 2014.

Television Serial admirers can watch the show from anywhere on the streaming website Tubi.

It is free for Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs, PlayStation and the web.

Also, the streaming service supports all kinds of devices, including Samsung, Apple TV, XBOX, Roku, Vizio, Chromecast, AmazonfireTV, and Sony.

Thriller films like You Are Not Alone, Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch are also available on Tubi. Furthermore, most of the actors in this series work for movies on Tubi.

Actors like Phil Nochill, Emory Lawrence, and James King Perkins have worked on most projects on the Tubi platform.

The Dirty D Season 1 Recap and Review

Lisa Brown’s The Dirty D Season 1 was released on Tubi on May 3rd 2022. The drama series had six episodes in the first season and is expected to have eight in season 2.

When a conniving couple, Brick Davis and his wife Tiffany, took advantage of vulnerable people who visited their nightclubs, their lives were under the owner’s control.

The Dirty D depicts deceit, and the portrayal of the real world, hidden behind the mask made by the people like Brick, involved in human trafficking, narcotics, and gangs.

In the first season, we saw the real face of Detroit’s hottest nightclub, where rules and regulations don’t mean anything. Nothing is off the limits, and everyone plays a dirty game.

The story progresses when one of the bottle girls of the nightclub, Kyra, falls in love with Terrence; everything starts spiraling downward for the club owners.

At first, Terrence is just a boy looking out for his girl’s safety, but it is revealed later that the guy is an undercover police officer who helps his department to arrest Brick Davis.

Soon, police from the area became aware of the ‘drug’ use and the scandalous behavior of the nightclub; they built up a strong case against the defense, and the plot retakes a turn when he tries to run from the court at gunpoint.

At this time, people were captivated; and fatally injured; their hopes of a good life were crushed beyond repair for power and money.

On the other hand, it also makes us aware that not all good-looking people have good hearts. Like the bottle girls, some are honest, while some are looking to take advantage of the situations.

The series is taking another severe twirl in the second season as Brick Davis is going for his trial relating to his narcotics and arms allegations.

Following its release, the series received a 7.3/10 from IMDB rating and has mixed reviews from viewers.

Most of the viewers have a positive appreciation for the excellence of the minority community, whereas some viewers think that the show was not as good as it looked in the trailer.

Meet The Cast Of The Dirty D Season 2

Dirty D series on Tubi cast includes Mena Monroe, Emory Lawrence, Phillip Granger, and Albritten Makeiva. The show is generally about the manifestation of girls, illegal substances, and the power of assets.

Likewise, Cierra Smith, Lauren Session, and William Swift appear in the supporting role.

Mena Monroe as Tiffany Davis

Mena Monroe Dey is a beautiful actress based in Michigan, Detroit. She is mainly seen in Tubi movies and series.

Mena and her producer brother Shwan Lyles have also opened a production company. The brother-sister duo want to support coloured artists who wish to pursue acting careers.

Emory Lawrence as Officer Marcus

Emory Lawrence is best known for performing in These Men For Everybody, Not Left In Vegas and Chocolate Kiss.

He has been featured in over twenty movies and TV series. In the series, Emory plays the role of officer Jason Marcus.

Emory is a single father of a six-year-old son, Emory Lawrence Jr.

Albritten Makeiva as Kyra

Makeiva Albritten is a dancer, nail technician and actress. She plays the role of a bottle girl, Kyra, on the Tubi series Dirty D. Albritten is also known for Queen of Kings and Kingsmen.

Makeiva was born and raised in Michigan, Detroit. She went to Wayne State University and owns a salon around Detroit. She also creates content for her Facebook page.

James Perkins as Terrence

James Perkins is an actor known for Diamond Girls, Tine and Lori, Turn of The Cheek, and Not Left in Vegas. In the upcoming series, James plays the role of a police officer Terrence.

Phil Nochill as Brick Davis

Actor Phil Nochill is an actor and director known for Tubi’s Ultimate Betrayal, Damaged Goods, and Bound By Blood. Phil is the central character of the series; he plays the character Brick Davis, the shady guy who uses money and narcotics as power.