The Influencer Promised That If Tax Reform Falls, OnlyFans Will Be Free

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Only fans It is one of the most fashionable digital platforms today. Typically, this portal invites users to To subscribe To access exclusive content. It’s worth noting that you can find all kinds of content, such as recipes or exclusive workout routines, however, since one of the platform’s biggest attractions is There is no censorship, Adult entertainment is very common. Clarifying the above, we’ll let you know the status of a file Effect Who promised that If the tax reform falls In Colombia, its content is in OnlyFans will be free.

First, it is important to explain a little bit what is happening in Colombia And stress that the status of this influencer does not seek in any way to underestimate the importance of the events taking place in the Latin American country. However, what happened is that after the impact of the epidemic, the government declared A. Tax reform Which sought to generate taxes, especially on the country’s middle class, in addition to increasing the value-added tax.

The citizens who started it did not like this procedure Shows In the streets, demanding that the reform not take effect. Among the thousands of participants in the rallies was Kalina Melissa Gutierrez That was the topic of conversation on Social media For his own way of supporting the cause.

Last weekend, the young woman took to the streets of the capital to protest Cali She holds a banner that reads: “If we win this fight, I’ll leave OnlyFans free for a month @ melisagutierrez7”.

Because of the increased Protests, The government made the decision to Project pull In Congress, plus the joy of not having to pay more Taxes Many wondered, would you Effect Would you be willing to stop getting paid for your content?

Not many of Gutiérrez’s followers were letting her commitment go unnoticed and began to tag her on social networks remembering her promise, so much so that her name spread in Colombia.

In the end, the Colombian fulfilled her promise, and her OnlyFans account was kept open for a few days for anyone who followed him, without having to pay a single peso.

And he wrote in his personal file, “Keeping my promise for tax reform.” Only fans The influencer who has more than 600K followers on her account Instagram thanked and congratulated her for fulfilling her promise and of course ran to look for her on the platform.

Before you get too excited, it’s worth noting that although Gutiérrez publishes on OnlyFans some Sensual images Which can be censored on other social networks, Colombian does not share adult content, that is, you will not find pornographic materials or explicit images. Here is some of what he posts on Instagram:

How Much Can You Earn On OnlyFans?

Although the cost to subscribe to OnlyFans depends on the originator, it usually starts at $ 5 and is paid monthly. The content owners keep 80% of the profits, while the platform keeps 20% of the revenue to cover service costs.

According to information from the BBC, the number of users on this platform increased from 7.5 million in November 2019 to 85 million in 2020. Despite the data on earnings From the creators that were not officially revealed, Grazia magazine, in its British version, published estimated figures about who could be the celebrities and influencers with the most monthly income on the platform:

Blac Chyna £ 15.4m, Bella Thorne £ 9m, Cardi B 7.1m, Tyga 5.8m and Mia Khalifa £ 4.9m.