The Latin pop icon Selena Quintanilla will always be memorable with its vibrant catchy musical style


Iconic personal style. Both are boldly exhibited in the newly released Part 2. Serena: Series.. The Netflix series explores Quintanilla’s rise to stardom and its global impact, along with the challenges she and her family faced along the way. Many questions were left in the second part of the series. In particular, what really happened to Quintanilla’s famous boutiques? After all, Quintanilla boutiques Selena, Inc. Both locations in Texas are currently closed, but fans can still buy some items selected from boutiques online.

Quintanilla’s stardom dreams have gone far beyond music. At the height of her fame, she dreamed of opening and running her own boutique. In 1994, a year before her death, Quintanilla opened two boutiques. One is in Corpus Christi, my home country, and the other is in San Antonio. Monterrey, Mexico was also working. Each boutique had Serena’s souvenirs and stylish clothing, some of which were designed by the singer and also had a full-service salon.

Yolanda Saldíbar, chairman of the Quintanilla fan club, was originally asked to help Serena run her boutique, but her involvement eventually led to Quintanilla’s premature death. Zaldibar embezzled money from Quintanilla’s boutique business, and after she was fired from an up-and-coming company, Zaldibar shot Quintanilla in a hotel parking lot in Texas.

Her boutique survived the murder of Quintanilla. Although the San Antonio boutique did not last long after Quintanilla’s death, Corpus Christi’s location prospered for the next few years. Run by Quintanilla’s widow Chris Pérez, the boutique continued to operate as a homage to Quintanilla and remained a major source of merchandise and fashion inspired by her sexy and colorful style. However, in 2009, 14 years after Kintanilla’s death, his father, Abe Kintanilla, chose to close the rest of the boutiques due to the economic downturn. When the boutique was closed, he told Corpus Christi’s KRIS-TV that, in addition to the financial challenges surrounding the boutique, Q Productions, founded by recording company Abe Quintanilla, did not fit into the predominantly music-oriented focus. .. He also said he opened the boutique in honor of his daughter’s desires.

Selena, Inc. Has been closed for several years, but enthusiastic fans can still buy some special pieces from the boutique. Etsy is currently Selena, Inc. Silk jackets and skirts for $ 500, and lime green suits that once appeared in boutiques for nearly $ 5,000.