Things To Consider When Buying CBD Hemp Strains


When you decide to purchase hemp flowers, there are a lot of factors to consider. The first one is that you need to determine whether the manufacturer will provide you with high-quality and premium strains. Other things are the legality and the amount of THC that is contained in the flowers.

So, how can you know if you are buying a high-quality or a cheaper variety of CBD strains?

Few things to consider

The quality of the product

The first thing that you need to check is the quality of the strains that you are buying. You need to see if they were trimmed correctly or if they are organic. You may notice some varieties on this useful site where the seeds were removed. Look for the seeds that were cured and stored in the best conditions so that you can get the full value of what you’ve paid for during the transaction.

Only do business with reputable sellers

There are a lot of suppliers online, but a lot of them may send you a low-quality product. Choose reputable sellers that can provide you with high-quality strains. Check their business reviews and ask your doctor to guide you in choosing the hemp products in the market. The sellers should be transparent, friendly, and honest. Their honesty can provide you with a hassle-free and smoother overall experience when you do business with them.

Levels of CBD

The flowers were not extracted and harvested equally. This is why you may have noticed a lot of varieties in the market, including Charlotte’s Web, ACDC, Cherry Wine, and more. The regular flowers may contain a maximum of 6% CBD, and the premium ones will have up to 10% cannabidiol in them. The higher the concentration, the more beneficial the product in treating various health problems and ailments that you may be experiencing.

Percentage of THC

Regulations in countries like the United States or the EU require many manufacturers to produce CBD products with less than 0.3% THC. Learn more about THC here: If you got a strain that is more than the recommended 0.3%, you might end up getting stoned. This is because THC is an active compound in marijuana that makes its users high and affects their cognitive abilities. You are also consuming an illegal product, and you can get fines in the process.

About COAs and lab testing

Since hemp has exploded in popularity, a lot of entrepreneurs have gotten into this industry. However, not all flowers were extracted and harvested in the same way. What you can do to ensure that you are buying a safe product is to check for certificates of analysis and lab tests.
Unlike any other plant, hemp can be a bio-accumulator. This means that the plant can absorb any chemicals around it and other toxins and substrates. This is why it’s necessary to grow the flowers in a controlled environment and safely process them.

Independent laboratory tests will ensure that the product that you are getting has been tested as safe for human consumption. Some of the testing criteria that you need to look out for are the following:

Total Cannabinoid percentage

Lab reports will commonly show the percentage of cannabinoids present in a strain. You can check two laboratory test results and see if they were similar to each other. The larger the percentage of cannabinoids in the flowers, the more beneficial the product will be.

Cannabidiol concentrates

There should be a high concentration of CBD in the flowers. As with most flower strains, CBD will add value if it is preserved carefully. The value will show in many hemp tests, and you should check out for these.

Profiles of terpenes

When a lab provides the kind of terpenes and the percentage of their presence in the flowers, you can expect a more aromatic profile. Terpenes help activate an entourage effect, which will help the cannabinoids have more potent benefits in the body.


Many farmers may unknowingly put pesticides on their crops, and this can show in a laboratory report. You should check for the percentage of chemical fertilizers, fungicides, and other hemp contaminants since they are mostly considered toxins.

Mycotoxins, fungus, and bacteria

If there’s information about fungus, bacteria, and mycotoxins, it’s best to check these in the report as well. They are the potential contaminants that you should avoid when buying CBD hemp strains.