Things to Know About Paul Wesley’s wife Ines de Ramon


Ines de Ramon is the wife of Paul Wesley. He acted as a handsome vampire in the famous series Vampire Diaries. They got married in secret that led to a lot of public interest. Do you want to know about her? Then we have gathered all the details about her here. She is a beautiful woman who is the soul mate of Wesley. They are madly in love with each other and every photo of them is adorable.

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The background of Ines de Ramon

According to the sources the birth date of Ramon is 1992 and her country is the US. Ines de Ramon age now is twenty-eight years old. She is a very private girl that is why most of the details about her life are unknown. Only when she married Wesley did she come in to the limelight. But we know that she studied at a school and university in the US. She received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Geneva. Then she became a fitness enthusiast.

What is her career?

In her LinkedIn profile, Ramon has added details about her profession and achievements. She is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Moreover, she has worked as a jewellery department intern and also had a job at a retail department. At the moment she is a Business Development and Account Manager at Anita Ko.

Personal life

Ramon is not the first wife of Wesley because he was previously married to actor Torrey DeVitto from 2011 to 2013. DeVitto was his second wife. His first wife was Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin but he separated from her on 2017. After that, in 2018 he met Ramon and fell in love with her. Many spotted them together in various places. Their wedding happened very privately on 2019. Even her Instagram profile was private at first but now she made it public because many people are following her.

  • Ramon is a very private person

Many do not know how Ines de Ramon and Paul Wesley met and the details about their marriage. It will always remain a mystery because the couple does not prefer to share their personal life. But we may get more updates of their life through their social media pages.

Ines de Ramon net worth

Ines de Ramon net worth is 2 million dollars. She has worked in many jobs in her life so she accumulated lot of cash. Moroever she is a good health coach. Ines de Ramon is a beautiful and talented woman. She is supporting her husband’s career and also has a great career of her own.