Time In Oblivion Tiktok Song Lyrics and Origin – Sound and Trend Explained

    time in oblivion sound

    What Is Time In Oblivion song on TikTok? Stay with the article to find out more about its origin, sound, and the latest trend. 

    TikTok has countless videos that cover a range of topics including, challenges, dance, comedy skits, music, stories, pranks, and many more. TikTok has been downloaded more than 2 billion times worldwide and has more than 100 million active users in the USA alone. People find the topics and videos they weren’t even looking for on the video-sharing social media platform.

    This time the song, Time In Oblivion, has recently gone viral on TikTok. People are using the sound, Time In Oblivion, to make entertaining videos. Chris, Jannes Arndt, Candice Nikeia, and Mackenzie are some of the popular content creators who have made TikTok using the Time In Oblivion song.

    Time In Oblivion Tiktok Song Lyrics And Origin Explained

    The song Time In Oblivion has no lyrics. The song is just nine minutes of soulful and calming music.

    Talking about the song’s origin, it was released in 2021 by artist lano. It was part of the album STACKS OF CASH AND DESPAIR. Some of the other songs from the artist include Gwara, Jazzy Chord, Oro, Giro, Thoa, Blue Glass Void, End of Annihilation, The Growing Mantel, The False Becoming, Good Bomb, Lifey Riddim, and many more. The song was first available on Deezer.

    What Is Time In Oblivion Sound On TikTok?

    Something is happening on TikTok, and people are getting very curious. The sound, Time In Oblivion, is being used for manifestation, abundance, and the law of attraction.


    Moral dilemma but at least I’m not as lonely


    People began saving the sound before 11/11 and made their wishes and thought about their greatest desires. Many people are claiming that their wishes are coming true and the problems in their lives are getting solved.

    Time In Oblivion Trend Explained 

    People are saving and making videos with the Time In Oblivion sound, and it is being said that if people use sound, then good things are gonna happen in one’s life. Even the people that do not believe in miracles are trying out the trend. Many are claiming that if people save the sound, something magical will happen soon.

    @iloveyoubreh stream iANO for they/them pus-#veer #music #musician #communism #e #hexd #awesome #electronicmusic #beatproducer ♬ TIME IN OBLIVION – iANO

    The short videos related to Time In Oblivion are getting attention on TikTok under the hashtags #timeinoblivion, #timeoblivion, #inoblivion, #livinginoblivion, #lightinoblivion, and #timeinserive. Several TikTokers, such as @iloveyoubreh, @youngkaiju, @sagittariyass, @jannestwelve, @emerrkelly, and @candicenikeia, have made videos on the Time In Oblivion trend.