Toya Johnson surprise fans for her son Reign Rushing’s spontaneous idea


Toya Johnson poses pictured with her baby daughter, Reign Ryan Rushing, in her most recent photoshoot with Fashion Nova. Mom and daughter are gorgeous, but the photos are getting lots of reactions.

A lot of fans were enthusiastic and expressed love for the cute couple. However there were also other comments that about various subjects that have been deemed controversial.

It started with a question about the parent Reign is the closest to. One person wrote “I cannot determine what Reign is like since she doesn’t look like one of them.

Personal life :

When she was just 12 Johnson and singer Lil Wayne met when she was shopping in a corner store and Wayne was walking on the sidewalk in New Orleans, Louisiana. Johnson was expecting their child at around 14 years old.

He decided to pursue a professional rap career through Cash Money Records in order to provide for his young daughter. In 1995, Lil Wayne was 16, Johnson was the father of their daughter Reginae Carter on November 29 1998

. Seven years following Lil Wayne achieving stardom, they tied the knot on February 14th, 14th of February 2004. But in January of 2006, after two years of union. the couple broke up apart because of her inability to control her lifestyle specifically.

His work which requires him to be away from his home for prolonged lengths of time. While they divorced.They are still close and close friends, as they continue to raise their children together.

18 June 2011 Johnson as well as Memphitz have been married in Atlanta. The guests at the wedding included hip-hop superstars Rasheeda, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Kandi, Nivea, Lauren London, Monica Brown and Tamar Braxton.. On February 15, 2015 Johnson announced that she was divorced from Wright divorced after just four years of marriage.


On July 31, 2016 brothers Johnson Josh Rudy and Josh Rudy were shot dead at the hands of police officers in New Orleans while inside of their car. [10]

The 8th of February 8, 2018, Johnson was born as baby girl named Reign A girl. Reign along with her partner.

Toya Johnson took to her Instagram post on the 8th of November, on Monday. 8 . to notify her fans of the project she created as a surprise for her son Reign Rushing’s spontaneous idea.

In the clip Johnson confronts the child when she discovers that Rushing caused damage to her hair.The reality television star began by grabbing the hairball and saying, “I cannot believe this girl cut her hair. What is the reason you would do this?” When Johnson turned her camera toward the child, Rushing replied, “I do not know why . “

American reality TV star Toya Johnson

The video came to an end, and Johnson continued to repeat the exact phrase. Johnson said “Why did you make that decision but? Hair is beautiful. Why would you want to cut it?” Rushing followed by explaining her style by showing the hairstyle she wanted , which appeared to be a bob and she also said that she would like her mother to cut her locks. The child replied, “I wanted you to cut it . “

American reality television star Toya Johnson was eager to share a joy of being a mom to her fans when she posted pictures of Reign her beautiful daughter’s first day at school.

A single of the most satisfying pleasures of being a mom is watching your kids expand, develop, and achieve new heights. American reality TV star Toya Johnson has been enjoying an incredibly memorable mama memories.

The day prior, Johnson, the star of the reality-TV program “Toya: A Family Affair,” posted three stunning pictures of her daughter’s first day of preschool.

Toya Johnson seems to enjoy celebrations of her husband, Robert “Red” Rushing and her daughter Reign Making sure she’s going willing to go the extra mile to present her child a huge Playhouse.

Television’s star Toya Johnson has posted on Instagram recently to share her videos and pictures of her massive playhouse. The huge playhouse was designed to celebrate her daughter’s birthday celebration. Her mom is thrilled by the new playhouse.

The first part of the article featured to show the complete view of the beautiful design. The rest of the blog posts were video that mostly explored Reign’s latest and lavish birthday gifts from a closer perspective.