Try not to fall too hard for these hilarious simp memes


In 2020, respecting your partner makes you a simp. It’s true. If you compliment them or hold open that door – you’ve joined simp nation. Sometimes memes translate into real life and shouting simp at your friends appears to be the new normal.

Here are the most relatable and entertaining simp memes to send to your simp friends!

Is Ferb a simp?

Ah, a combination of memes and Phineas and Ferb. Classic. The acronym for squirrels in my pants has taken a whole new meaning. You respect women? Wow, you’re a simp king.@bendonnell_18

Don’t get caught simping😤 #simp #fyp

♬ original sound – Connor

The Dark Side

The first rule of simp nation is to never let your gamer friends learn the truth. If you do, the lightsaber is out and you’ve lost an arm. Beware of simp nation haters!

Vote for Shrek

Shrek may be one of the biggest simps of our childhoods. Drinking a potion to turn human and fighting a dragon? He did that all for his love interest. We’re all secretly simps for Shrek. All hail simp king Shrek!

Lizard simp

This may be adorable, but it’s an automatic invitation to simp nation. Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. lizard . . . you are both simps. Where can we find someone to hold us up while we sleep

Find Jessica

Maybe Tinder isn’t the best place to be, sir. Jessica isn’t that into you and clearly doesn’t want to be a rock either. Also, is your company Jessica Inc. on LinkedIn? Some more simps may want to apply. 

Google autofill is a simp

You hate when girls die? Simp. You hate when girls cry? Simp. There’s no escaping it! Even Google is a simp and so are you. Just accept it.

Lil Simp

Billie Eilish doesn’t appreciate simping. You’ve heard it hear first. Lil Pump’s proposal to the alternative musician didn’t go down well and now Lil Pump is officially a simp. Congrats!

The Simpsons

Homer Simps, son. Matt Groening’s creation is just a bunch of simps. Who knew that one beloved animation could end up being the simp nation mascots?

Google . . . again?

Google’s theme for International Women’s Day is iconic, but what about International Men’s Day? Turns out Google has once again proven that they are simping 24/7.

Friend zone

Ouch, the friend zone sucks and it looks like you’re a member. Sometimes you just can’t escape the friend zone and will forever remain an unrequited simp.