Understanding The Real Reason Garren Stitt left General Hospital

garren stitt leaving general hospital

Garren Stitt has only been an actor for a few years but he has also done enough to garner a significant number of fans who have fallen in love with the actor’s work. His work on General Hospital and Andi Mack have been the driving factor of this love. However, ever since the actor’s time on General Hospital came to an end, fans have been wondering why the actor, who had only been on the show for two years left the show. All these and more you’d find out as you go through the following paragraphs.

Who is Garren Stitt?

Garren Stitt was born on the 21st of January 2003 in Alexandria, Virginia to his mother, Yvette. He has been raised by a single mother along with his older brother, Gabriel. Not much is known about his parental background, especially his father but we do know that his mother is Brazilian. At the age of three, Garren’s mother relocated with him and his older brother to California where he began his career as an actor a few years after.

His life in show business began in 2011 when he began making appearances in short films and minor TV roles, starting with an appearance in Morbid Minutes as Young Tom. In the following year, Garren Stitt made a few more appearances as a child actor in other projects like the short movie, Bear, the shows Girl Crazy and Up in Arms. He also appeared in a video short as Samuel in The Lady in Pink Show.

Although none of the roles were enough for him to become a breakout star, they were more than enough for him to keep getting cast in several projects. Before he got his big break via the Disney show, Andi Mack in 2017, he appeared in Bukowski as Rick, which was his first major movie appearance, Love Triangle, Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn, and a few others.

2017 turned out to be a momentous year for Garren Stitt’s career as he began to appear in two of his major roles so far in the year. He was cast as Marty in the Disney Channel show, Andi Mack and he also secured a role on General Hospital as Oscar Nero Quartermaine.

His role on Andi Mack was intermittent enough for him to appear on General Hospital simultaneously. This allowed Garren to build a fan base across two major mediums. After two years, he left both shows, with 11 episodes under his belt for Andi Mack and 134 episodes for General Hospital.

Aside from his acting roles, Garren Stitt is also a musician and he made his music debut in 2018. He has released a couple of singles such as CloutStreaks and Player One. His first project, the EP, Heartbreak Lake will be released in 2019.

The Real Reason He Left General Hospital

When Garren Stitt’s character, Oscar Nero died in an emotional episode in General Hospital in 2019, there was a mixed bag of reactions to the actor’s departure from the show. His character’s death, which was from a brain tumor was well-received by some fans of the show while others, who had fallen in love with the actor in the 134 episodes he had been on the show, did not appreciate the implication.

As a result, many have wondered why the producers and Garren Stitt decided to write him off the show. So far, neither ABC, the production company behind the show, the writers or Garren Stitt have offered any reason why he left the show, but it is believed to simply be a creative decision to move the story forward.

With Garren still a young actor, his fans can be assured that he will appear in a few more projects in the near future.

Other Facts About Garren Stitt

1. For his role as Oscar Nero in General Hospital, Garren Stitt replaced Rio Mangini, who played the role from its inception in June 2017 to July 2017.

2. Unlike other young actors who have set tutors, Garren Stitt still attends a traditional high school at Taft Charter High School.

3. He received a Daytime Emmy nomination for his role as Oscar Nero in General Hospital. He was nominated for Outstanding Young Actor in a Drama Series.

4. He has appeared in a couple of commercials, one of which was for Volkswagen Golf. The commercial was directed by Thorsten Herken.