Wedding Pie Strain: Effects and Review


Who else has been a fan of Wedding Pie lately? Are you one of those who have learned about various charismatic effects of a wedding strain along with significant benefits but are reluctant to give it a try? Having an experience-based guide is the perfect gateway to exploring the deep and dark secrets of anything no matter what.

This write-up covers your most important concerns related to the consumption and potential effects of Wedding Pie Strain effectively. After going through this text, you would be capable of making this decision yourself, whether or not you must try it. If so, stay tuned.

What is a Wedding Pie Strain?

Wedding Pie is a hybrid botanical strain achieved by conducting a cross between Grape Pie and Wedding Cake. The product of this cross gives off an aromatic citrus fragrance filled with sweetness and juiciness. There are millions of fans of Wedding Pie strain out there who love and enjoy it due to its appearance, taste, and aftereffect. It possesses higher levels of THC (20%+) due to which it is mainly utilized as a mood lifter and happiness booster. It is usually taken before bedtime or after dinner.

The appearance of Wedding Pie Cake

Anyone can fall in love with this exclusively cultivated cannabis strain due to its catchy and vibrant appearance. The plant resembles the GSC strain and has purplish-green leaves covered by bushy THC crystals. Mono-colored dense floral buds feature pistil hairs that are orange in color. The taste is like that of a sweet dessert topped with fruits. It refreshes your breath with a lemon feel and is fabricated with sharp fruity undertones.

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Chemical Composition of Wedding Pie

Being naturally constructed of various types of Terpenes, a wedding pie weed has its physical properties dependent on them. The most common substance that has been found in it is the same that’s also an integral part of Cannabis – Myrcene. Similarly, Caryophyllene is another compound that is present in it. Both these substances have anti-inflammatory properties.

Limonene and Linalool are also included in trace quantities. They are responsible for providing effective instant relief from stress. Also, they make the flavor of the wedding pie spicy.

What do testimonials say about wedding pie weed strain?

Consumers who have used wedding strain seem to have positive reviews about it. Most of them found it therapeutic as it gave them a feeling of contentment, bliss, and relaxation. People struggling with different types of stress, depression, and body pain in life used it to get relief from their achings and it worked magically by coming up to their expectations. Some individuals who had a hard day at work consumed it to spend hassle-free and stress-free time, full of mental and physical relaxation.

Many users shared that they were facing insomnia for quite a while and this weed helped them a lot by inducing sound sleep without making them drowsy all the time. A survey conducted to check the results of wedding pie weed strain consumption by people tells 89% consumers thought it made them feel energetic, while 86% voted for hunger, and 85% users were in support of happiness.

Those who smoked it and dared to make the mistake of taking in higher volumes of it because they did not feel its effect, in the beginning, suggested not to overdo it in the beginning. This is because its potential is explored as time passes and then, it could put you in a nasty condition by taking away your senses.

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Positives and Negatives of a Wedding Pie Strain

Wedding Pie obtained after a cross between 60% Indica and 40% Sativa is a weed that helps you achieve a delightful feeling. It improves your creativity, makes you explore the amazing world of spiritual benefits, and regulates your hormonal balance. It transforms your pain into pleasure and helps fight loss of sleep. It makes you become a bit more social and voice your opinions which is a novel benefit ever recorded from the consumption of some weed.

Keeping in view the medicinal benefits of this pink cookie strain, it is considered a great choice to treat chronic pain, inflammation, and aches. As soon as it gets inside your body, it targets your head and causes euphoria. As a result, you receive strong sensations of happiness, carelessness, and relaxation. Therefore, the dose is an important factor. Overdose would cause severe problems.

For people struggling with overworked bodies due to tough schedules, long tiring traveling destinations, and over-thinking problems, wedding pie strain could be a nice supplement. This is because sometimes we need to keep our thoughts shut, mind off, and enjoy a deep relaxing nap that buzzes us beautifully.

For those who are underweight, a minimal dose of this weed would prove fruitful as it induces fire in your belly with an extreme desire to munch on food. In this way, one can manage to gain a few pounds in a brief course.

Its potential side effects include disorientation, dry eyes, headaches, and paranoia. In some cases, when the users try to misuse this pie, panic attacks could be caused.

But overall, its benefits overshadow a few limiting points. Also, the flavor is phenomenal so anyone would prefer to relish a chunk.


Well, it depends on the intent of a user how he wants to make use of wedding pie strain. Normal doses have been proved to be beneficial in many cases, as mentioned in the testimonials section. However, if some user doesn’t have a good experience with it, he/she should not consume it again. The takeaway would be, “excess of everything is bad, even water”. If you keep it mild, it would benefit you. You just have to avoid its intake in bulks as it would make you addicted and weed addiction surely is not a good thing.

Note: Levels of THC higher than 20 could be non-suitable for individuals having low tolerance toward it. Therefore, they need not try this weed for any purpose, for obvious reasons.