Wentworth Season 9:How Many Seasons Are There?


If you haven’t heard, Wentworth season 9 is on its way. And while the fourth season of the show was released six months ago. Fans are already desperate to know when they can catch up with Bea Smith, Franky Doyle, and all the other familiar faces that have been on screen since 2013. With season 9 wentworth right around the corner, let’s take a look at everything we know so far about what will be coming up this time around.

First things first, what is Wentworth?
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A television drama set in a women’s prison. The show follows Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack), imprisoned after be framed for her husband’s murder. The series also features other inmates and their day-to-day struggles within prison walls, including relationships, power struggles, and fights.

These elements often punctuate by flashbacks that show what happens before each character arrived at the prison. Since first airing in 2013, Wentworth has become a major hit domestically and internationally, with many fans eager for more seasons.

How Many Seasons Are There?
The answer of this question is nine seasons of Wentworth are here. The ninth season of Wentworth has only just started on Netflix, but already people are asking: How many seasons are there? The good news is that Wentworth 2021 showrunner Amanda Higgs has confirmed that there will be the tenth season in 2021. While she did not confirm an eleventh season or beyond, it seems safe to say that Wentworth will continue for as long as fans want more.

We may even see Katherine Kelly Lang return to her role of Celia Westmore in future episodes. At least, fans can hope. She is, after all, going through a somewhat messy divorce from husband James Packer at present – maybe she’ll need a break from life with Mr. Moneybags and head back Down Under for some excitement! Of course, since Wentworth films far in advance, we won’t know until next year whether our hopes will come true. But it’s probably a pretty good bet that we’ll get to enjoy Gemma Atkinson alongside Pamela Rabe and Danielle Cormack again before too long.

What Is Wentworth About?
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If you haven’t watched it yet, here’s what you need to know about Wentworth. The show is about Bea Smith, an inmate at a women’s prison in Australia. It started as a reimagining of Prisoner, an Australian TV show, in 2015. The new series follows Bea as she adjusts to life in prison and tries to figure out how her actions got her locked up. It explores both sides of crime and punishment, with twists that make sure every episode is unpredictable.

Even if you don’t watch TV regularly, watching Wentworth will keep you on your toes. It always keeps fans guessing as they wait for each new season or release date news update. What Wentworth isn’t. This series isn’t for everyone just like a real prison. There are some gruesome scenes. But that makes it all the more interesting if you can handle some gore from time to time. Don’t go into watching thinking you might see everyday dramas—this is more intense than most television shows have ever been before.

Why We Love Wentworth: We love everything about Wentworth because we’ve never seen anything like it before (in a good way). Most shows treat criminal justice as a black-and-white issue. Characters are simply good or bad or maybe something in between but rarely anything nuanced.

New Characters in Wentworth Season 9
How will they affect Piper’s story? Although Wentworth isn’t out of new characters just yet. Gives that its eighth season concludes with a huge prison riot and plenty of new faces behind bars. So who’s heading to jail in season nine? Unfortunately, we don’t know much more than their name and what kind of trouble they are likely to cause for our favorite inmates. But we can’t wait to see how these fresh faces affect everyone else, including one character in particular. Fingers cross Franky (Nicole da Silva) get lock up! We have seen Franky get away from every situation she’s been in, but season 8 was different.

Franky was sent to maximum security, and it was her own doing. It would be interesting to see if she ends up there by choice or was forced into maximum security for another reason (maybe because someone framed her).

Why did Bea Smith leave Wentworth?
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The concept of a show with a central, unrepentant murderer at its heart is tricky enough. Perhaps that’s why one of Australia’s most notorious criminals was axed from Wentworth when it returned for its ninth season in 2018. The series saw Bea Smith, portrayed by actress Danielle Cormack, killed off during an escape attempt. Viewers were shocked at her departure, and so were some of her co-stars, who felt she had been unfairly treated.

As previously reported by Daily Mail Australia, Grant also questioned whether there would be another series after Bea’s untimely death. I can tell you that a lot will depend on what happens in wentworth season 9 episode 1, he said at the time.

When Is Wentworth Returning To Our Screens?

The season 9 of wentworth is set to air on Foxtel next year. Series nine will comprise ten episodes, with filming starting in May and episode one set for an Australian premiere on Showcase in June. While a return date for season 10 hasn’t confirmed just yet if it’s anything like previous years. You can expect it sometime in 2022.

Production details have yet to confirm. There was a question mark over whether Jodi Gordon (Kaz Proctor) would appear as she has largely remained absent from social media during season eight – though she did recently confirm her re-signing with Channel 7. This is great news considering there were fears she may leave after dropping out mid-season seven due to her contract expiring at Channel Ten.

As part of her contract negotiations, there will undoubtedly be discussion over where her character Kaz ends up within Wentworth Prison. She’s certainly not staying in Maximum Security now since Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) is lock up there. However, it looks as though Kaz could be hitting boiling point after feeling invisible following Joan’s murder trial and subsequent release.


Who Created Wentworth?
The history of Wentworth began with a somewhat unlikely source Prisoner, an Australian drama series that ran from 1979 until 1986. The show was based on a British series titled Porridge. Which was based on a story by novelist and screenwriter Dick Clement. While still in its earliest stages of development and eventual distribution. Prisoner sparked interest in another production company that was looking for something to fill time during one of its broadcasts.

There were just several key elements missing from its story before it could be considered fit for airtime. Both Clement and co-screenwriter Ian Kennedy Martin worked to correct some of these problems with what became their first script together as a direct result. The problem, specifically.

There wasn’t enough action! During his third read-through of what he called my favorite early draft. Martin explained that his main concern had so much dialogue without any real conflict or narrative tension. Between characters even within scenes themselves. This is where Kennedy step in to change things up.

Why Was The Show Cancelled In The US?
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The cancellation of Wentworth comes as little surprise, given that its first season aired in 2013. The series is set in a women’s prison and revolve around Bea Smith. Who must come to terms with her abusive husband’s death while dealing with a new world after serving 12 years behind bars? This final season will comprise eight episodes and premiere on Foxtel on May 8 at 8:30 pm (AEST). The show has already renew for season 10.

Which will air in Australia on SoHo next year. It’s not yet known when it will make its way over to Netflix. But we suspect it will likely be delayed until 2022 or later. It’s also worth noting that Netflix tends to only produce its content. They don’t acquire existing shows from other countries. If you want to watch season nine. You’ll need to sign up for an Australian streaming service like Foxtel or Stan. More details are available here.

Two significant things will happen during season nine. There will be a body found in Joan Ferguson’s yard. And it turns out there was no explosion on Sarah’s boat. She faked being blown up so Joan would believe she was dead. Things are about to get real.

Where Can I Watch All Previous Wentworth Seasons And Spinoffs Online?
The best way to watch all previous seasons and spinoffs of Wentworth online is through Acorn TV. Subscription packages are available, with a monthly subscription at $4.99 per month and an annual subscription costing $59.99 per year.

Each package offered episodes of all series, including Wentworth season 9 when it launched in 2020. This makes it a great option for fans who want to catch up on all previous seasons of Wentworth before diving into wentworth series 9. Other ways to past stream seasons include iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, and Microsoft Store.

At the time of writing, Wentworth’s earlier seasons can also be found on Netflix UK. But these will likely remove once wentworth season 9 has launched. All countries will have access to Wentworth season 8 and other Australian drama titles via Netflix. But when will season 9 of wentworth be on Netflix? The good news is it available on Netflix.