What Are The Top Tips To Keep the Audience Hooked On Online Exhibitions?

Audience Hooked On Online Exhibitions

Whether you are investing in virtual exhibitions to connect with a large global audience and display your products and services or whether you want to create brand awareness. Whatever your objective is, a Virtual exhibition provides ample opportunities to achieve your goals.

 For a successful online expo, the engagement of attendees is the main factor. Here in this blog, we are providing you with some tips to make your virtual exhibition successful while keeping your attendees engaged

  • Provide Audiences With Real-Life Like Experience:

Even though your attendees have joined the exhibition digitally and are behind the webcams, provide them with a 3d Online environment that can replicate their in-person exhibition experience and will make them feel that they are physically present in the event. It will keep them hooked on the exhibitions. Provide attendees with a virtual space or lobby where they can interact with fellow attendees. Moreover, offer them networking and engagement tools to grow their personal or professional network.

  • Give Attendees a Head Start:

Whenever you enter the exhibition, you might be surprised about seeing many booths displaying different products and services. It may confuse you about where to start or which booth you should visit first. To make this task easy for the new attendee or the confused one, you can add a note of recommendation on your home page or at looby. You can also divide virtual booths according to their genres. Your guidance will help attendees to find the virtual booths of their interest. And also will let them directly interact with the representative of the desired booth without wasting time wandering here and there.

  • Make It Interesting:

While displaying your product or services, always encourage attendees to participate in the discussions. Find new and creative demonstrative ideas for your attendees. You can ask audiences to answer the questions and run polls to maximize the engagement of attendees. Running polls could be the easiest and most fun way to know about the issues faced by the audiences. 

You can add fun activities like quizzes and puzzles and reward the winner with some virtual gift. You can also offer discounts or coupons to the winner of quizzes and puzzles. Organizers can also host small and healthy competitions for the attendees to keep them glued to the virtual platform. You can also ask attendees to visit all the virtual booths within the Online exhibition and collect the badges from the booth’s representative; in return, provide them with special vouchers. 

  • Make Unique And Appealing Content:

In the world of cutthroat competition, to stay ahead of your competitors and keep attendees hooked to the virtual exhibition, you must select your content carefully. Your content must be fresh, unique, and attractive, which steals the attention of attendees. Whenever attendees click on a specific product or service, make sure some interesting facts or information about the product should pop up on their screens. It will make attendees aware of the unknown and beneficial side of the product and services. Use a catchy title for your exhibition, and remember not to use old and boring content for your expos.

Adding graphics, images, vibrant colors, and videos to the content can be pivotal in catching the eyes of the attendees. 

  • Take Out Time For Networking And Fun:

Most of the attendees visit an exhibition with the motive of interacting with professionals and like-minded individuals. 

You could provide them opportunities to interact with their desired peers. Nowadays, many advanced and affordable online exhibition platforms offer dynamic features like video calls, live chats, networking tables, and breakout rooms for personalized networking. You can avail the benefit of those features to keep your attendees engaged. You can also give some fun touch to your exhibition by hosting a small live musical concert or other small activity segments between long exhibition sessions.

  • Offer Attendees Something To Take Back With Them:

Many attendees love to explore new things and want to learn about the products displayed at the exhibitions. With the zest to learn and enhance their knowledge, they attend different exhibitions. 

Keeping this in mind, you could design the digital content in a manner that can be easily and quickly downloaded. 

Allow attendees to download anything they find interesting in the exhibition. So that they can use the downloaded material for their future reference. Allow your audience to download brochures, posters, images, or data about any product or service with utmost ease. 

  •  Take Advantage Of Social Media:

You can take advantage of social media platforms and make your event trending. Set up an attractive photo booth for your attendees, and set a hashtag for your event and booths. Encourage attendees to share screenshots of the event using that hashtag on different social media sites. Moreover, attendees will love this and will keep themselves engaged, and at the same time, your event will also be globally noticed by those who could not make it. 

You can also share screenshots and pictures of your staff shot in front of booths to all the social media channels of your company or brand to facilitate the conversation between those who were not able to attend the expo. 

  • Feedback:

Feedback is the most crucial thing that most of the attendees ignore. You can give some perks to the attendees in return for their valuable feedback. Encourage attendees with some templates of free discounts in exchange for feedback. 

It will not only help you in getting authentic and valuable suggestions for making improvements in your upcoming exhibition. But also makes attendees feel valued by the company. And it can be a good idea to keep them engaged for a short period.

Online exhibition platforms for b2b activities  are also gaining popularity these days. Following the above-stated tips in your virtual exhibition, you can host a doubtless engaging event. 

 Interact more and more with your attendees, also add a fun element, gamify your booths, and offer perks to attract more registration. Research your attendee’s interests, and know what will drive them toward your online expos. And design or customize your event accordingly. Provide more networking opportunities to the attendees. And lastly, do not take for granted the feedback received from the audiences. Moreover, you can incorporate all the valuable suggestions from audiences to make your next event more productive and successful.