What does USPS awaiting delivery scan mean?


It means the carrier missed scanning it when it was delivered, and it didn’t get delivered. I had one that slipped down next to the seat in the USPS truck. It shows the item was out for delivery but later that day marked now as “awaiting delivery scan”.

Friends, it means, “This order hasn’t been shipped to the customer yet” in plain English. It means that your order is waiting to be shipped to your customer. After a customer subscribes to your product, his card is charged, and his order will appear on the orders page as awaiting delivery.

All in all, if you get the “USPS Awaiting Item” message – almost always before you’ll get the “Awaiting Delivery Scan” message – know that it simply means that the USPS is preparing to ship your item even if they don’t have it physically in their hands quite yet. As long as a package is scanned at some point in the journey to buying, it will be ok, even if the USPS skips the acceptance scan. It happens a lot.

Every company has its logistics tracking system. For example, awaiting delivery for E-Commerce means the order has been picked up by the delivery boy and will be delivered asap when your order comes in the delivery sheet of the delivery. Generally awaiting delivery means the order is ready and it’s yet to be delivered.

What does USPS awaiting delivery scan mean?

Keep in mind that USPS can often take up to 24 hours to update tracking statuses. A few reasons may not update your package status right away: USPS won’t scan it in until the next day if you drop your package off after hours. It’s in the queue at a USPS facility.

Once it’s listed as Out for Delivery, it takes 4H:37M:42S before you are signing for it. If it takes even one second more, the UPS driver is fired that evening.

1. A delivery scan means the tracking bar code.

On top of the “Awaiting Delivery Scan” message, your tracking code may be returning the dreaded “USPS Awaiting Item” code.

This code generally means that the USPS postal workers have been alerted to add your package to the shipping system but that they do not physically have that package in their possession yet.

This code is often attached to or associated with e-commerce outfits and online retailers that handle the printing of their own USPS shipping codes individually.

When they go to print these labels, they send the information over to the USPS to alert them that a package is going to be shipped through their system. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have dropped the package off at the USPS post office in their area yet.

It can make things tricky, especially when you are trying to get a better handle on when your package will be sent out and when you can expect to have it delivered, too.

All in all, if you get the “USPS Awaiting Item” message – almost always before you’ll get the “Awaiting Delivery Scan” message – know that it simply means that the USPS is preparing to ship your item even if they don’t have it physically in their hands quite yet.

When the mail reaches its next destination for rerouting, it waits for the scanning equipment or scanning clerk to input the tracking for the most recent update on its location.

2. We use scanners to track the progress of each package.

If it says “waiting delivery scan”, that usually means it is in the carrier’s possession but has not been “scanned” as delivered. He either hasn’t delivered it, or he forgot to scan it when he did deliver it. Were there other scans, like “arrival at the unit” and “sorting complete” or “out for delivery”?

It sounds like the item was scanned “out for delivery” but has yet to be scanned as “delivered”. If this was more than a day ago, and you haven’t received it, something is wrong. When a shipper sends a package, a tracking number is assigned.

Nothing happens with this number until the post office receives it. When it arrives at a sorting facility, the number is scanned with a postal scanner and entered into the system as received.

From that point, You can track it. It may be two days from when a shipper readies your package until it arrives at the facility.

It usually means that the item is out for delivery but has not been delivered yet. When the driver reaches a location, they scan the item and, upon successful delivery, confirm it as delivered, and that is the delivery scan.

3. What does awaiting delivery scan mean?

Using a USPS delivery service through an online shipping application, a shipper has created a shipping label for an envelope or package shipment.

The USPS shipping application records this event in the tracking history for the shipment. In this case, the message notifies anyone requesting a status of the shipment that the shipper has created the shipping label. And the USPS is waiting for the shipper to tender the shipper to the USPS.

Someone created a label, That’s All,

USPS does not have the item yet, and may never get the item. Just someone went on to their system and created and paid for the label. When USPS (or one of their partners) has it in their possession, they will scan the bar code, and it will get updated information,

4. What does “USPS awaiting item” mean?

Postage was paid online and the tracking number issued, but no scanners at the post office have detected that it has arrived from the sender yet.

USPS hasn’t scanned the shipping label for your package yet, although you know a title has been purchased since there is a tracking number available. Either the seller hasn’t dropped off your parcel at the post office yet, or it is waiting for pickup at some collection site.

I also wrote this longer explanation:

If a customer has paid for the purchase (on eBay, for example), I can purchase and print a USPS shipping label to paste on the package.

eBay sends the buyer the tracking number immediately, but I still have to get the package to the post office or in a mailbox on my end. Sometimes, it feels like a lot of pressure, as I wouldn’t say I like having to race to the P.O. as soon as I print a label.

But until it’s been scanned by a postal worker, you can assume the seller still has your item, and hopefully, they have not snapped under pressure.

The person sending it has not put the item in the system yet, or it is being delivered to the individual Post Office by FedEx or UPS. They have the best method of getting the parcel to a city (they own jets which the USPS is forbidden by law to own), but the USPS has what is called the” last mile.”

They deliver to every address every day. Something that FedEx and UPS could never achieve. The companies and the Postal service work together now, saving both time and money. When you get a notice saying waiting for arrival, the package has not been delivered to the post office by one of the other delivery companies. The USPS has done no scan.

5. Does the USPS lie about delivery attempts?

The USPS is about many good people, but … people with a variety of good and bad situations. It’s also true of customers.

Some are great, and some are not. My experience was most of the time when a customer complained that no delivery was attempted, it was. But sometimes, the delivery person failed to do their job and attempt delivery.

A delivery person who fails to complete their duties correctly could face potential discipline, up to and including the loss of their job.

What does USPS awaiting delivery scan mean?

With the installation of security cameras, I would expect delivery personnel to take the chance of not attempting a delivery, but I’m sure it still happens.

I also remember a customer who phoned and insisted that they were home all day waiting for a particular package and instead they found a notice of attempted delivery.

I questioned the carrier, and he could hear them in the backyard and shouted over the fence that he had a package for them after ringing the doorbell several times. The customer was asked on the phone if they would be home “now” and someone would be sent right out. I went.

I could hear the people in the back yard, rang the doorbell, shout over the fence and generally made as big a stir as I could for about 5 minutes but couldn’t get anyone to the door, the fence, the gate or any response.

Then I went back to the office. The customer was on the phone when I walked into the Post Office complaining about not getting their package. I got on the phone and told them that unless they were waiting at the front door when I made a third attempt, they would need to come in to pick up the package.

They waited by the door and got their package.

They admitted they were partying in the backyard and making a lot of noise, so they didn’t hear the doorbell or repeated shouts.

6. How can I find the weekly USPS delivery schedule for my area?

In the Post Offices I worked at, there never were any published schedules. Your Letter Carrier or Rural Carrier gets there as soon as they can. Before I retired in 2013, the average route had about 700 stops. On average most holidays received about four pieces of mail a day. Of course, it may have changed since I retired.

The amount of mail received daily varies more than you would think. It takes most carriers about two hours to put all of the mail-in route orders. It then may take about six hours to walk or drive the route. Lots of things can slow the delivery of your mail. Things like hot sun, cold rain, slippery ice, and walking through snow can slow your carrier down.

Your carrier has to fight the same traffic jams, potholes, and crazy drivers you have to fight. The average city route is about a 10-mile hike. The intermediate city carrier carries thirty pounds of mail on his back. You have to be in good shape to be a Letter Carrier. The job isn’t as easy as it looks.

When I worked as a Letter Carrier, most full-time carriers worked more than 40 hours per week. Most of the Part-Time Carriers worked anywhere from 30 to 60 hours per week. Part-Time Carriers are subject to be “called in” at any time. Part-Time Carriers can’t depend on getting a day off unless they request it in writing as “Annual Leave” (vacation).

7. What time does USPS usually deliver?

I will walk lightly with this answer and try and help people understand about mail delivery. In my younger years, we got two deliveries daily. That did not last long, tho. All city and rural routes are planned to be within 8 hours: two in the office, six on the street.

That is when you have an entire work crew. When you do not have a whole work crew, someone has to take that person mail to deliver it for them while they are finishing their routes. It used to be you could depend on their delivery times almost on schedule. Then came management changes in the production of mail by delivery.

It was applied the effort to craft to speed it up and get the mail delivered, and the delivery service slowed down because more mail came. People have been interviewed and hired, but there are never enough employees.

So what you have is this: All workers go to work early in the morning to get the collection and all mail to get the rural drivers. Here is where the rub comes in: There are not enough carriers to deliver everything on most days, and the operating pages make up the shortfall. It is why you cannot plan on mail service being at certain times.

8. What days is USPS mail not delivered?

Mail is delivered Monday to Saturday, except on holidays. Sunday’s is the only day you won’t receive regular delivery mail. On Federal holidays (like New Year, Martin Luthers King Jr. birthday, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day {4th July}, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day), you won’t receive regular mail either.

“Express Mail” gets delivered as a “Next Day Delivery service”. So if it’s mailed on a Saturday or a day before a holiday, it will get delivered on Sunday. Some cities do not offer this type of next day delivery service.


I am extremely concerned that several of my customers have been telling me they did not receive their orders throughout July. When I check their tracking numbers, USPS shows that the order was out for delivery that day, but then late that same night, there is an Alert message that states the item has not been updated and is awaiting a delivery scan. The funny thing is these all seemed to happen on July 13, so it would seem this was an internal service-wide issue. Has this happened to anyone else?

Another concern is that I don’t know if the packages were delivered since Amazon will usually report to the customer that a package might be lost if not confirmed the delivery status. They could be taking advantage of this to either get a free product or a refund—what a mess.

It’s not a scam, but a problem with USPS carriers not scanning items at Delivery time. It’s a new USPS designation.

So far, I haven’t heard anything from the buyers, so assuming, they received the items. I have a few, beginning July 21 and continuing through August 6, which was a Priority parcel:

August 6, 2018, 10:36 pm

Awaiting Delivery Scan – The delivery status of your item has not been updated as of August 6, 2018, at 10:36 pm. We apologize that it may arrive later than expected.

August 6, 2018, 8:36 am

Out for Delivery – MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, NJ 08759

9. How long does it take for USPS to scan?

It’s *supposed* to be 24 hours, but it can take days. And if it’s international, it can even take a week or more to be updated… better to check the tracking on the receiving country’s PO site- that’s updated much faster.

As long as a package is scanned at some point in the journey from you to the buyer, it will be ok, even if the USPS skips the acceptance scan.

How long does a package take once it’s out for delivery?

It varies depending on location, but UPS doesn’t deliver until around 4:00-4:30 here. It is incorrect. Once it’s listed as Out for Delivery, it takes 4H:37M:42S before you are signing for it. If it takes even one second more, the UPS driver is fired that evening.

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