What Happened To Freddy Dodge, Is Sick, Does He Have A Cancer? His Illness Explained

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What Happened To Freddy Dodge? One of the most perplexing questions remained the same about his cancer Well; he had announced his illness in 2017. 

Freddy Dodge is a professional Gold Digger used by the Hoffmans at Porcupine Creek and Mazaruni Claim in Guyana.

However, in season 4, he left the Hoffman’s in the Guyana jungle and teamed up with his older brother Derek to mine his claim.

According to the source, it comes to know that he is now venturing into the streaming world with a new spinoff series.

What Happened To Freddy Dodge-Is He Sick?

Reportedly, the reality Tv star Freddy Dodge had cancer, but it seems as if everything is alright.

In 2017, Dodge made some tests on his health to find out if he had cancer or not. As per his statement, he said, “I might have some cancer stuff going on.”

As we all know, he is an American gold miner and reality television personality.

Freddy came to the public attention after appearing briefly on seasons 1 and 2 of “Gold Rush,” which was run on the Discovery Channel, the most popular TV channel in the world.

Furthermore, he is a professional prospector and part of MSI Mining Equipment.

Does Freddy Dodge Have A Cancer? His Illness Explained

As we already mentioned, Freddy Dodge has cancer as per his announcement but as of now, he is all good with his health.

Therefore, he started appearing in the different programs, which seems as if he is alright now.

Talking about Freddy’s background, he is Caucasian and revealed that he has been looking for gold since he was nine years old.

However, he hasn’t shared the information of his family and siblings yet publicly.

Freddy is most famous for his appearance in the TV series ”Gold Rush,” which was previously entitled “Gold Rush: Alaska,” it follows the story of six men who travel to search for gold, one of which is Freddy.

Where Is Freddy Dodge Now?

As per the source, it comes to know that the Gold miner Freddy Dodge is now going on the road for helping those struggling mine owners.

Therefore, he helps them hit the motherlode in the all-new series for the new streaming network from Discovery.

Appearing in an acclaimed reality Tv series has allowed Freddy to become financially stable, and the net worth of the gold miner is estimated to be around $5 million.