What Happened To Jade From Inquisitormaster & Why Did She Leave The Squad? Face Reveal And Real Name

jade from inquisitormaster

What Actually Happened to Jade From Inquisitormaster? She is missing from there. What is she doing now? Find out below.

Jade From Inquisitormaster has become a well-known

But, now, she is not a part of the Inquisitormaster anymore as she has already left it.

Let’s know more about Jade who managed to amass over 1 million TikTok followers and over 200k subscribers.

What Happened To Jade From Inquisitormaster?

Nothing actually happened to Jade From Inquisitormaster.

In fact, she has just set out on her dream to create her own content videos and make others laugh too.

As noted by ZacharyZaxor(who is also her fiance’s brother) via his Instagram handle, to give Jade the chance to make her dream a reality, YouTuber Zach gave his TikTok as well as his IG to her.

Similarly, as written in her TikTok bio, she currently makes videos with her three best friends.

Did Jade From Inquisitormaster Do Face Reveal?

Jade From Inquisitormaster has already done her face reveal.

Though this gamer girl still goes with her anime character on the YouTube channel, she goes with her real face in her social media handles.

Jade From Inquisitormaster Real Name Explored

Jade From Inquisitormaster’s real name is Gabby.

However, the female YouTuber has only shared her first name and is yet to tell her full name. She also goes with her actual name on her new YouTube channel and TikTok accounts.

After one of her group members accidentally called her Gabby in the gaming, the audience got a clue about her actual name.

Why Did Jade From Inquisitormaster Leave The Squad?

Inquisitormaster’s ex-member Jade left the squad to be together with her fiance Drake.

Another reason for leaving the group was to prepare for her marriage plans.

As per one YouTube video made by Roblox Motor, it is discovered that Drake’s absence in the Inquisitormaster made her leave the squad as well. And, instead of calling Drake to the squad, she herself made a decision to break off with Inquisitormaster and join her soon-to-be husband, Drake.

We also learned that she was tired of squad activities, which led her to make this big decision.

Particularly, making a content video is a difficult task and with all the squad activities going on and all, Jade only got minimum time to spend with her love interest.