What Happened To Texarkana Cheers and Jeers?


I quit. After discussing the matter my moderators, I made the decision to end the session and start again. There are many reasons for this, but not what you’re thinking.

“Texarkana Cheers and Jeers” was initially conceived in the form of “Texarkana Cheers” but nobody noticed. In the interest of an instructor from Texas A&M Texarkana suggested an experiment which simply included “jeers” into the mix. It then was a success. As of the time of writing there were 50,000 plus local members. But a amount of negativity can certainly overshadow the positive. There were plenty of funny articles, and a good night enjoyed by many.

There are other towns where we have various social media platforms there are similar communities, however there was a reason why in Texarkana it became “you will be pulled” to do anything.

 The people couldn’t communicate without using the gutter language. All over the world, we have these kinds of organizations, they are governed by moderators on panels to ensure that it is as fair as it can be However, in Texarkana I’m not sure .whether we’ll have enough moderators to handle the insanity.texarkana cheers and jeers.

I believe a lot of it has to do with the fact that it’s my hometown and for some reason “Cheers and jeers” is like giant. When I was ready to walk away . there were those who said”please do not “it’s too big and stopping it will make copycats that will not be able to moderate. “… We are all in it together.

 There are many “Cheers or Jeers” some way or another Some even employ the same images that the original group did which made it hard to convince the people “No that clearly false post isn’t in OUR group”.texarkana cheers and jeers

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They have played a key role in a variety of positive outcomes throughout the many years. A lot of good things have been accomplished through this group, such as the rescue of elderly and children and pets as well as stolen property. The issue of crime was resolved. There were numerous successful businesses. I’m not aware of any firm that did not succeed .however it’s feasible to attribute the business’s owner for his inability to succeed.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of the moderators within that group. You’ve done a fantastic job in dealing with some of the most bizarre situations you can imagine. You’ve done a fantastic job, despite all the lies as well as the threats and terrible things you’ve endured. 

Thank you to all the participants in the numerous positive events that took place within this group over time, I’d also like to acknowledge them.

 You assisted strangers and neighbors and also started new businesses and made friends. It will always be an important moment for me to recall the moment we were all together at a birthday boy’s celebration.

Yesterday, there were people who have said “No I’m not able to shut down” in the past. Then I attempted to convey why they had to avoid me for this group.

I live my life publically. There are no secrets, none of the secrets, nothing to hide … That’s why for me it was an enormous amount. I’ve been pushing Texarkana for more than 40 years. But for some, I dislike it because it is the one that is most tied to me. I’m trying to make positive things happen. Everybody has their share of negatives, so I’m trying to change the direction. Texarkana FYI Helps our local communities. Yes we do share our “news” but we always aim to highlight events, new businesses, or any other activities that are fun within our region. 

We enjoy live video with business owners who are new and event organizers on Facebook. We also talk to politicians but we don’t wish to talk about their political views more on their family members. The negative feedback from the Facebook group appears to be in opposition to all we believe could be possible with Texarkana. 

We sell advertising as well as the 360-degree approach to bringing business into the age of digital. The removal of this group will decrease the reach of your business however I’m sure you are able to rebuild it quickly, by doing what you always do. Therefore, we’re going to look at different things.