What Happened To The Oovoo Javer Guy? Find Out Where He Is Now


You must have heard the name “Vine”, though it has been off the shelves of the internet but there are some memes which are still very popular. One of the popular meme of the vine was “What happened to the Oovoo javer guy” or “i’ve never been to oovoo javer”

Though vine apps are not much popular nowadays with the advent of video sharing social media applications like instagram, tiktok, reels of youtube, facebook, etc. But it was a time when vine was very popular around the globe for sharing short videos over multiple social media platforms across the globe. On vine people used to share short video clips which is upto 6 sec long. Since video was short so vine became the most used video sharing application among the youngsters and resulting very popular globally. And when we talk about one of the most viral videos of that time when vine was on its epitome was “Oovoo Javer Guy”. 

In this article you’re gonna know all about the viral meme “what happened to the oovoo javer guy” that dwindled around the internet and became viral. Stick with us to know all the information related to oovoo javer vine even if you don’t know anything about it. We will also tell you what happened to oovoo guy. 

What is the “Oovoo Javer guy” or “oovoo javer kid” meme / oovoo javer vine?

It was a vine of 4-5 years ago by a youtube channel  named ‘I don’t know whatever’, who posted a vine on his channel asking random questions on the American streets. During that video this is a small 6 sec clip that posted on vine and became viral name “oovoo javer kid”

Or, “oovoo Javer Guy”. in this 6 sec short climb the guy asked a kid ‘who is the hottest uber driver you ever had?’ and the guy replied ‘i’ve never been to oovoo javer’. This meme quickly became viral over the internet and people are sharing this meme everywhere, name the social media platform and you will find the OOvoo javer kid at that time. The vine creator also got popular and got millions of views on vine and his youtube channel in a very interval of time. In the next para you will get to know what happened to oovoo guy.

What happened to the oovoo javer guy?

Our audience is very keen to know what happened to the Oovoo javer guy, so here we are to tell you about him. With the deep and organic analysis we found out that The real name of Oovoo javer kid is Gabriel Cash.  He made a video after that meme became viral on youtube channel. In That video he has explained how his life has changed after that meme became viral on the internet. He said that he was very excited at that time to get interviewed and to come over the television.

Gabriel explained that he was not aware of the uber since uber has not gained much popularity at that point of time so he obnoxiously replied in that slang and it was just done subconsciously. He told in his video he was not aware about the uber and uber taxi services. He also added the fact that he was eating chewing gum at that time so his statement was recorded in that gnawing way and became one of the funniest answers on the internet. Hope you have got the right information about what happened to oovoo guy. 

What does the OOver javer kid do now?

Actually the oovoo javer vine guy has twin brothers named Daniel and Gabriel. They are gay by choice and shares cordial relationship with each other. They make weekly videos on his youtube channel called theCashtwins. Mostly i’ve never been to oovoo javer brothers make videos such  lifestyle vlog, fashion, and many miscellaneous things of their life. Their videos come every week. Here is the link for his youtube channel theCashtwins

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