What Is Taylor Schabusiness Real Name? Meet The Wisconsin Woman Who Killed Her Boyfriend

schabusiness surname

24-year-old Greenbay native Taylor Schabusiness, the murderer of Shad Thyrion, came under the spotlight after people got curious about her real name.

It’s not the first run-in of Greenbay native Taylor Schabusiness with the law, as she previously got convicted for fleeing and obstructing an officer.

She got out after serving three months in prison but was on the radar of cops.

Her next crime shook the residents of Wisconsin as she killed and dismembered the body of her lover and left his decapitated head for his mother to find.

Now, she is at Brown County Jail on $2 million cash bail.

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Wisconsin | What Is The Real Name Taylor Schabusiness- Who Was She?

Taylor Schabusiness is a 24-year-old woman, originally from Greenbay, Wisconsin, who got charged with murder and decapitation of a man.

She is an ex-pupil of Howard-Suamico school.

After her heinous crimes came to light, experts noted some remarkable similarities with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Although she was very vocal about her vicious thoughts on Facebook, people just thought of her as any other drug addict. 

This is one of the craziest criminal complaints I have ever read. #TaylorSchabusiness #ShadThyrion

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Who Was The Victim Of Taylor Schabusiness- Are They Dead?

The pitiful victim of Taylor Schabusiness’s schemes was a 24-year-old man named Shad Rock Thyrion. The victim’s uncle, Nathan Mineau, revealed his identity, reported by daily mail.

Upon investigation, gruesome details came into view as she admitted giving him oral coitus after he had passed away.

His family took to Facebook to express their grief in losing an integral part of their clan, calling him a person with a good head and soul.

They also set up a GoFundMage page to aid his traumatized mother in the funeral and transportation costs. 

Green Bay strangulation/decapitation/mutilation victim of TAYLOR DENISE SCHABUSINESS (aka Taylor Denise Coronado) identified as SHAD ROCK THYRION.

She says they used methamphetamine and injected Trazodone. Reports say she was fascinated by Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

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Did Taylor Schabusiness Have A Husband And Kids- Identity Reveled

Taylor Schabusiness was notably married to her husband Warren and had a son named Mateo. The pair’s relationship was not the best as she befriended Thyrion on Facebook with intentions of doing drugs with him.

They were addicts of Trazadone and methamphetamine and decided to perform sexual acts with metal chains. But in the heat of the moment, she choked him too hard and killed him.

The action did not startle her as she hoped to play with this cold body and cut him up with the utensils from his mother’s kitchen.

Taylor Schabusiness(left) brutally murdered and dismembered Shad Thyrion(right) during a sexual act. His mother found his dismembered head in a bucket in the basement. Taylor was reportedly obsessed with Jeffrey Dahmer.

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Is Taylor Schabusiness Arrested And What Are Her Charges?

Wisconsin woman Taylor Schabusiness got charged with three degrees of sexual assault and first-degree murder after she slaughtered a man in cold blood.

His mother told the police that she found the dismembered head of her son in their home’s basement after she heard their doors slam shut.

It didn’t take long for the authorities to catch the assailant as her blood was smeared all over his clothes as the prey put up a fight before dying.