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lolo soetoro net worth

Indonesia Geographer Lolo Soetoro’s estimated net worth was in a million dollars before his death. Here’s everything you need to know about Barack Obama’s stepfather. 

Lolo Soetoro, who is also known as Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo, was a prominent Indonesian Geographer. He is also widely known for being the stepfather of the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

In his time, Lolo has served as a team member in the Indonesian Army and was regarded as the finest geologist. 

Prior to this, Soetoro was highly educated who also served in the Union Oil Company in government relations. 

What Was Lolo Soetoro Net Worth At Death?

When Geologist Lolo Soetoro died, his net worth was estimated to be in millions of dollars. 

The specifics of his earnings, profits, and his net worth as well as wealth, on the other hand, remain unknown. 

We assume Lolo Soetoro might have certainly amassed a substantial fortune from his long-time career as a geologist and geographer.

For his profession, Lolo worked as a geologist for the Indonesian Army Topographic service in the year 1965, where he served as the colonel of the Indonesian armed forces. 

Lolo Soetoro: Barack Obama’s Stepfather

Lolo Soetoro was the stepfather of Barack Obama. He married Barack’s mother, Ann Dunham, in the year 1965. 

While pursuing his post-graduation at the University of Hawaii, Lolo met Ann Dunham, who was a student there. 

Ann was a single mother who was raising young Barack Obama after the separation from her husband, Barack Hussain Obama Sr. 

Both Soetoro and Ann fell in love and decided to share the vow in 1965. The pair had another child named Maya Soetoro-Ng.

Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t work out, so they got separated in 1980. And in the same year, Lolo Soetoro got married to Erna Kustina, and they had two children; Rahayu and Yusuf Soetoro. 

Apart from this, when the ex-president Barack Obama talks about his childhood, he usually indicates his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, as a well-mannered gentleman who taught Obama how to face the dangerous world.

When Did Lolo Soetoro Die?

Indonesian geographer passed away due to a liver failure in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Lolo Soetoro’s age was 52 years old when died on March 2, 1987. 

In his memoir, Barack Obama has specifically mentioned his stepfather’s contribution to his upbringing. He has always remembered him as a great father who has fulfilled all his father duties while he was alive.