What you can learn from Billie Eilish’s birth chart


2016, Billie Eilish At just 14 years old, she released a beautiful single that will remain in her heart. “Ocean Eyes“It didn’t take long for Billy to become a major power player in the music industry on SoundCloud. Since then, Billy has been with her signature ballad. Raw, emotional lyrics, And she has praise behind her to prove it. “So I” the singer brought home More than half a dozen Grammy AwardsWhile gaining an all-faithful fan base. Billy may look very open with her deep and honest lyrics, Sagittarius..If you want to know what the universe is saying Billie Eilish, We are covering you.Pop sugar CUSP Astrologer, Isaiah Alferats, Also known as Elysian Aquarius, Billy’s birth chart celestial scoop.

Big three
Looking at a birth chart, also known as a birth chart, is a good way to understand yourself and others at the astronomical level.You may recognize your big three, or Your sun, the moon, and the rising signs From astrology apps and favorites TikTok Astrologer.. These arrangements refer to your outward personality, emotional response, and your social identity.

Sagittarius sun
Most understood arrangement in Your birth chart is a sign of your sun.. This shows your core, or outward personality, that you can easily recognize as having. The sign of your sun can appear in your values ​​and what you feel is your most genuine self.Billy Sagittarius sun, And these sun signs are fiery, ambitious and adventurous. “It’s no wonder Billy took over the music industry so easily,” Alferats tells POPSUGAR.

Alferatz adds that sags are usually bold and imaginative and can be clearly seen in Billy’s music video. “She is controversial in how she shows her bloody body hurt by the’bad guy’and feeds Arachnofob. The worst nightmare in her stunts In’You need to see me in the crown,’ Music video. Billy is defined as an “anti-pop” star and provides a dark side to pop that we haven’t seen for a long time. “

Pisces rise
How we claim ourselves, especially in social situations, is often ours. Ascendant, or signs of rising.. Billy is the rise of Pisces and, according to Alferatz, may be the most amazing on Billy’s chart. “This is the rarest sign of an ascent on your birth chart and shows her elusiveness,” explains Alferatz. Pisces are all spiritual and metaphysical — they are dreamy and have earned the reputation of always having their heads in the clouds. You can see this elusive supernatural aesthetic on Billy’s dark album cover.

“The rise of Pisces is known to have more undeniable magnetic force and wisdom than anyone would expect, which is evident through Billy’s actions and music,” says Alferatz. “The energy of Pisces that brings art to life is creative and poetic. Billy continues to increase his creativity with the help of his brother Finius, creating a memorable, immovable music that makes listeners want more. Will be provided to. “

Aquarius Moon
our The placement of the moon represents our inner self And it symbolizes how we process and communicate our emotions along with the emotions of others. Since this is a super-private planet, it can be difficult to determine what the lunar sign of someone is at first, unless you are closely associated with someone.Billy’s moon sign Unconventional signs of Aquarius.. As a sign of the moon, this can be a very deep and complex arrangement. Aquarian is cast as strange and makes you feel quite alienated from others. From her clothes to music, Billy is a true rebel and one of the most prominent features of Aquarius.She Drawn as an anti-pop star A reflection of the moon in her Aquarius.

You can also see Billy’s Aquarius Moon peeking into her very deep, realistic and existential lyrics. “Billy’s lyrics have proven older than her age, touching on mental health themes such as depression and anxiety. The big key to her Aquarius Moon is loneliness,” Alferats said. I will explain. Being able to write honestly about complex and subtle themes shows how positive she is about paying attention to the real problems surrounding mental health.

“Billy’s Moon is also connected to Neptune, which gives the star a very intuitive perspective and can be seen through the aggressive façade that most pop stars try to emulate. They aren’t actively promoting such topics, they are real, “Alferatz added.

Personal Planet
In addition to your big three, your birth chart contains other planets, each representing a different section of life. These include Mercury, Mars, and Venus, which indicate a level of communication style, personal aesthetics, and ambition.

Capricorn Mercury
In astrology, Mercury is all about communication and the mind. Billy’s Mercury sign is located in Capricorn, a practical sign of the Earth, which is represented by her songwriting. “This Mercury arrangement is practical and easily handles the grainy aspects of life that Billy effortlessly portrays in her music,” says Alferatz.Capricorn is dominated by Saturn’s nonsense and disciplined planet, It can explain why her lyrics tend to be so dark. “Her Mercury’s placement helps to understand her voice and sound astrology. Her voice obscures her unique piece, as someone praised the dark bass and soft falsetto. , Has almost classic and soulful quality, “they add.

Mars in Pisces
Mars represents all of aggression, determination and passion. Billy’s Mars orbits in the sensitive and intuitive signs of Pisces. These arrangements are dominated by dreamy Neptunes, which can be eerie and magical. According to Alferatz, this placement can manifest itself in the way we express our outward aggression and our passion, so the placement of Mars allows us to learn a lot about Billy’s expression and aesthetics. increase.

“Billy’s Martian sign represents her motivation, and in that position, it shows her commitment to the projects she created to immerse her music and the world,” Alfe said. Rats says. “Think of Billy’s image in her video. She incorporates the sharp aesthetics of” bury a friend “needle and black blood pouring from her eyes. “

Venus in Sagittarius
When it comes to fashion choices and aesthetics of appearance, Venus is a remarkable planet. This arrangement also represents our relationship, love, and romance. Billy is Venus in Sagittarius and her constellation. As a sign of Venus, Sagittarians are very adventurous and direct and are not afraid to accept challenges. “Venus represents what we fascinate, so it’s her aesthetics and approach that get the most attention and criticism from the world around her. Billy seems to own this and she It visibly pushes the boundaries of what the image should be. “Alferatz explains. Given the lyrics of her albums” Not My Responsibility “and” Over Heated, “it makes sense. Happier than ever..Billy is always Frankly and frankly about the pressure on women and their bodies, And the true Sagittarius is charged enough to talk about it.

“No one can suppress the fiery Venus, and Billy consistently faints in her fashion and clothes, whether it is or not. Marilyn-style dress at the 2021 Met Gala Or a bright neon outfit like her Louis Vuitton Ensemble at Spotify’s Best New Artist Awards“Alferats explains.

The singer of “Hapia Than Ever” is honest and genuine and is not afraid to explore the deep and terrifying trenches of being human. It’s no wonder she’s been in the public eye for a long time, as Billy’s birth chart has all the fire burning. Her sincere storytelling and strong ambition will continue to support her.