Where Is Big Yavo From? Find His Birthplace, Age and Net Worth

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Big Yavo is an American musician known for his hit songs like Shawn Kemp and Freestyle. We can see him flaunting bundles of cash in his music videos. So, in this article, we are going to explore his net worth.

Big Yavo is an American artist who is coming into the limelight in recent years.

He has signed with a cinematic music group as of now and has been heard all over loud and clear with his hit song Rich, from his latest album, On God II.

The popularity of the song suddenly rise after it was used by Tik Tokers for a Choreographed dance. It was this song that landed him a record deal with Cinematic and a feature on the remix of his song Hot Box with Wiz Khalifa.

Mainly known for his southern-style hip-hop and his unique story, swag, and sound he brings to his songs.

Big Yavo Birthplace:  Where Is The Rapper Big Yavo From?

Big Yavo’s birthplace is in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

His rapping style is southern-style hip-hop which is definitely influenced by the place, Alabama.

Similarly, his lyrics are well equipped with the ability to storytelling about his youth and growth on the streets of Birmingham.

In an interview, Big has talked about the hardship coming from Alabama, the violence and crime that the city is associate with.

Yavo’s influence in hip-hop comes from one of the notable Alabama-based rappers, Doe B, and others like Durk, and Chief Keef.

Big Yavo Age

Big Yavo’s present age is 21 years old, born on August 2, 2000, in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

He belongs to African -American ethnicity and is an American national.

Biga Yavo has a son whose name is Zayven. However, he has not revealed details about his baby’s mother.

He is an emerging rapper from the USA and has signed a deal with Cinematic Music Group as of now.

Big Yavo Wikipedia

Big Yavo is not featured on Wikipedia yet. However, we can find his information in various interviews on the internet.

All of his fans know him as Big Yavo, however, his real name is Yavo Osama,

He is an associate with Cinematic Music Group and to date, he has released three albums on the market.

We can find Yavo on his Instagram, his handle goes by the name @big_yavo with more than 223k followers and 15 posts to date.

Big Yavo Net Worth

Big Yavo’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000, as per the source. However, it is still hard to confirm the exact numbers.

It is not an official figure but rather, an assumption.

However, we can see from him flaunting bundles of money in music videos. Similarly, his Instagram posts are full of pictures of him showcasing his money and jewelry.

Musical artists are well paid in American and the song has also been popular throughout Tiki Tok that might have generated some income.