Where is Tara Lambert Now? Husband And Family

who is tara lambert married to now

Tara Lambert Now: Tara Lambert is currently in Pickaway County Jail serving her 5 years prison sentence.

Tara Lambert, now known as Tara Arbogast, was a former model living in the city named Ohio in the USA. She was a stepmother of two daughters whose biological mother was the Ex-wife of her then-husband, Brandon Lambert.

Currently, she is accused and found guilty of trying to murder Cooke, who is the ex-wife of her husband. She has revealed the reason behind the attempt to murder Cooke was due to Cooke’s demand for custody of her two daughters.

NameTara Lambert
Age35 years
ProfessionFashion Model
HusbandBrandon Lambert

Some Interesting Facts On Tara Lambert

  1. Tara Lambert was married to her husband, Brandon Lambert as his second wife. Brandon married her first wife named Kellie Cooke. And they together had two daughters.
  2. Continuing on these aspects, after the divorce between  Brandon and his first wife Kellie, the custody of two daughters born to Kellie and Brandon was given to Brandon himself.
  3. However, Tara claims that Kellie often drags Brandon to court to gain custody of her two daughters. Which was not liked by Tara herself and also the main reason behind attempting to murder Kellie Tara.
  4. Once known as a beautiful model, due to her criminal offense, she is narrated as a ‘femme fatale’ of Circleville.
  5. Speaking about Tara’s children, she had two stepdaughters. However, an article posted on Columbus monthly claims that she gave birth to her own child before being sentenced to 5 years in jail. But this fact doesn’t seem to be realistic and yet to be verified.
  6. A former supermodel from America has a total net worth of $15 million. Despite having huge assets, she has not been found to use her assets as she was sentenced to jail for 5 years.
  7. Tara was arrested in 2015 for an attempt to murder case, while she was sentenced to jail in February 2016, and she is to be released in March 2022.
  8. As of 2021, Tara is 35 years of age as per the online source. However, her other birth-related facts are not yet disclosed.