Who Are Dominic Fike Parents? Know About Their Family Ethnicity

dominic fike family

Dominic Fike’s parents were always absent from his life activities as his mother had drug issues and his father was never there for him.

Dominic Fike is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor.

With more than 30 different hit songs to his name, Fike is a rising name in the American as well as the world’s music industry.

He first rose to the limelight after releasing multiple songs on the music platform, Soundcloud.

As the singer grows into popularity, more people are curious to know about him on a detailed level.

In the meantime, the focus has also shifted towards his personal life as people wonder about his parents and family.

Dominic Fike Parents: Who Are His Mom And Dad?

Talking about his parents, Dominic Fike revealed that his mom has issues with drugs and his dad is never there for him.

The singer has openly discussed the lack of his parent’s involvement in his life and his activities.

While talking about them, Fike said that his mother would often go in and out of jail as she struggles with drugs.

On the other hand, he expressed his anger towards his father and mentioned that all the male figures in his life were ‘real shitty’.

In the report mentioned in Complex, Dominic says that his father was pretty bad to him as well as his mother and other family members.

He didn’t reveal their identities though.

Dominic Fike Family Details

Apart from his parents, Dominic Fike’s family has two younger siblings and an elder brother.

He grew up as a middle child in his family among his older brother, Sean, and younger siblings, brother Alex and sister Apollonia.

No other family members of the superstar are reported on the internet.

Due to the lack of their parents’ activeness in their upbringing, Dominic would often take care of his younger brother and sister and would be taken care of by his older brother.

What Is Dominic Fike Ethnicity?

Dominic Fike is of Filipino and African-American descent by ethnicity.

While the details are not known, one of his parents is a Filipino while the other is an African-American.

His parents might have immigrated to the United States or it could have been his grandparents.

Born and raised in the United States, Fike represents American nationality.

Meet Dominic Fike On Instagram

You can find Dominic Fike on Instagram with the username @dominicfike.

He has a verified account with more than 878k followers at the time of writing.

However, he has made only 13 posts on the media platform. But the singer frequently updates his stories.