Who Are Travis Kalanick Parents? Everything On The Health And Status Father And Mother Of The Uber CEO

donald edward kalanick

Travis Kalanick’s parents, Donald Edward Kalanick and Bonnie Horowitz were involved in a boat accident on Pine Flat Lake. His mother died as a result of the accident whereas his father was seriously injured.

Travis Kalanick’s parents suffered a massive boat accident in May 2017 where he lost his mother Bonnie Horowitz.

The CEO of Uber has kept his personal life private since then. However, we do know that his father is in good health condition as of now.

Travis Kalanick Parents: Father Donald Edward And Mother Bonnie Horowitz

Travis Kalanick is born to his parents, Donald Edward and Bonnie Kalanick on August 6, 1976, in Northridge, California. His family was Jewish from Vienna and came to the United States in the early 20 century.

Kalanick has two half-sisters, one of whom is the mother of actor Allisyn Ashley Arm, and a fireman brother.

Kalanick’s parents were engaged in a boating accident at the end of May 2017 that gravely wounded his father and killed his mother. Police suspect their boat collided with a boulder and sank to the bottom of Pine Flat Lake, near the entrance of the Kings River.

Authorities said the pair who were boating for a long time, was part of a group that took two boats out on the lake Friday afternoon. However, the first group lost sight of the couple behind them.

According to Dailymail, the gang returned to the docks to search for Mr. and Mrs. Kalanick, but they were not there. Officers report that the fishermen discovered the victims on the coast and attempted to assist them.

Donald was airlifted to the Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, and despite critical injuries, he survived.

Kalanick was heartbroken to break the news since he was very close to his family.

Travis Kalanick Father Donald Edward Kalanick Health After Bonnie’s Accident And Death

Travis Kalanick’s father Donald Edward was critical following his mother Bonnie’s accident and death. However, he is in great health condition as of now.

He even took his father to the New York Stock Exchange for Uber’s IPO in 2019 where he was welcomed with a big applause.

According to New York Times writer Mike Isaac, the couple came to “enormous applause.”

This is due not just to Kalanick’s involvement in Uber’s development. But also to his father, Donald, who was involved in a near-fatal boating accident in 2017.

It was an emotional moment for everyone available there. Furthermore, Kalanick’s Instagram account is private, making it impossible for us to extract anything about his father.

We will provide you with further information on his family as soon as more information becomes available to the public.

Where Is Travis Kalanick Uber CEO Now?

Travis Kalanick, a Uber CEO is resigned as CEO, citing a “shareholder rebellion in June 2017,” according to the New York Times. After five of Uber’s biggest investors, including Bill Gurley, urged that Kalanick quit immediately in a letter, he did so, but he kept his board position.

According to esquire, after leaving Uber, Kalanick founded 10100, a venture business, and City Storage Systems, a company that redevelops distressed real estate.

He is currently the CEO of the firm, which is the parent company of CloudKitchens. CloudKitchens rents commercial cooking space and offers fulfillment services to restaurateurs interested in starting meal delivery businesses.

In August 2019, Kalanick paid $36.5 million for a Soho penthouse with a pool and terrace. It was the most expensive residence sold in New York that month. In 2020, he paid $43.3 million for a house in Los Angeles.

Kalanick began seeing Victoria’s Secret model Daniela Lopez Osorio in early 2021, according to Page Six, but the couple has since parted. According to Forbes, Kalanick’s net worth is currently about $2.7 billion.

As of today, he has not updated his Twitter account, and his Instagram account is private.