Who Is Andrew Bone aka @bone_andrew On Twitter? Racist Tweets Of Savills Manager Explained

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Who is Andrew Bone? Andrew, who has since been revealed as Savills employee, is receiving backlash from netizens worldwide for his racist tweet. 

Andrew Bone’s name is currently popping up everywhere on social media after he posted a racial tweet on his social media account.

Mr. Bone is not only condemned by people but by both FA and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The FA spokesperson stated that they strictly condemn all forms of discrimination and are disgusted by the online racism that was directed at some of the England players.

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Who Is Andrew Bone?

Andrew Bone is an employee at Savills’ Manchester offices.

As of now, very little information is disclosed about him on social media.

Aside from his controversial tweet, there is virtually no other info available about him.

Andrew Bone Savills Racist Tweet Explained

Andrew Bone recently shared a racist tweet on his Twitter handle.

He tweeted “N*****s ruined it for us” after the Euro 2020 final on July 11. The tweet was directed at some of the England players and has gained the attention of netizens worldwode.

Shortly after the tweet was sent, people commented that he’s a Savills employee and urged the company to terminate him from the company.

Racial discrimination is a sensitive issue and people have been quite open about it lately. Since the iconic Black Lives Matter movement, netizens do not hesitate any longer to call out people for their racist behavior.

This is probably one of those cases. Further, the real estate firm Savills released a statement condemning the matter and stated they are seriously investigating the case.

The company tweeted that it has zero tolerance for all forms of racial discrimination and will take appropriate action for the same.

Andrew Bone On Twitter @bone_andrew Banned

Andrew Bone’s Twitter account, @bone_andrew, is currently suspended.

Not only his Twitter profile but the individual’s LinkedIn profile has also been deleted.

Thus, as of now, Andrew is not available on any social media platforms.