Who Is Christian Rozeboom’s Wife Rylie Rozeboom?

christian rozeboom wife

Rylie Rozeboom, the wife of Christian Rozeboom, is a beautiful American woman who came into the limelight as a result of her marriage to Christian. Rylie Rozeboom and Christian Rozeboom walked down the aisle on September 29, 2020, in South Dakota.

Rylie Rozeboom is an alumnus of South Dakota State University and that was where she met Christian Rozeboom. Rylie Rozeboom is also called Rylie Cascio Jensen and she is a certified fitness trainer.

Rylie Rozeboom played college basketball as a guard for the women’s basketball team of South Dakota State Univerisity. Rylie Rozeboom attended Nebraska Gatorade High School and she was one of the best ever women’s basketball players.

Rylie Rozeboom is active on social media with the Twitter handle @RyCascioJensen and the Instagram handle @rylierozeboom.

Christian Rozeboom is an American football linebacker who plies his trade in the National Football League for the Los Angeles Rams. Christian Rozeboom is a four-time First-team All-MVFC and a one-time MVFC Freshman of the Year.