Who Is Daja0071 On TikTok? Everything To Know About The Web Star

daja0071 tiktok

Daja0071 TikTok, aged 50, gained popularity from her TikTok videos and enlisted herself in the 100k club.

Daja0071 TikTok is a female social media personality.

The ordinary TikToker shot to fame in a really short period and managed to get more than 100k fan-followings at present, establishing herself as a rising TikTok star.

What Is Daja0071 TikTok Age?

Daja0071 from TikTok’s exact age is 50 years old in 2021.

We can see in her TikTok bio, where it’s written 50 and fabulous. Though she is already 50, she does not look like it at all.

Thanks to her well-maintained figure and facial appearance and glamourous way of carrying herself, Daja0071 appears even younger than her actual age.

Regarding her birthday, Daja0071 was born in the year 1971, and her special day falls on the 21st of April.

Talking about her height, Daja0071 possesses a tall height and stands at 1.75 meters. If converted into feet, the internet star towers at 5 feet 7.4 inches in height.

Daja0071 TikTok Real Name Explored

Daja0071 TikTok’s real name is Daan.

Except for her first name, the TikTok star has not disclosed her surname till now.

Does Daja0071 TikTok Have Boyfriend?

Daja0071 TikTok has no boyfriend currently and is still single as stated by her in the Q & A section on her IG.

Similarly, in the TikTok video, the web star clearly told no when asked about having a lover.

However, the web star shares a daughter with her former partner. In the same questions and Answer category in IG’s highlights, when asked about what makes her happy, she answered her daughter and pets.

This means Daja0071 is a single mother. Making self-love her first priority, she believes that she needs no presence of men to complete her or make her happy.

Is Daja0071 From TikTok On Onlyfans?

No, Daja0071 TikTok is not present on Onlyfans.

The beauty only has graced networking handles such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. In addition, she also owns a PayPal account.

Meet Daja0071 On Instagram

Daja0071 has an active presence on Instagram like TikTok.

On the contrary, she only owns around 17k followers in IG which is relatively low than her over 100k TikTok followers.

The gym lover shares her TikTok videos on the Instagram platform and also casually uploads her random snaps.