Who is Donna Heinel? Everything To Know About Her

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Donna Heinel is one of the popular football coaches whose Wikipedia, salary, and spouse are the top searches on the internet. Read about Donna’s current marital status and net worth.

Donna Heinel was a football coach at the LGBTQ community in USQ. She thereby declared herself a Lesbian, which encouraged the LGBTQ community to participate in football and other sports.

NameDonna Heinel
ProfessionFootball coach

Donna Heinel Salary

Heinel’s current information about salary is yet to be revealed.

But, in 2019, she had a net worth of 2.8 million dollars.

Her primary source of income was from the USC (University of Southern California). Donna was fired from her position at USC for being accused of bribery in relaxed admission.

Donna Jail Accusation

In 2019, after being accused of receiving $1.3 million in bribes to help parents take advantage of the relaxed admissions standards for athletics at USC, even though their children were not legitimately being recruited as athletes.

We don’t know how long she was in prison. We will update this section shortly.

Is Donna On Twitter? Explore now

Donna is on Twitter and goes by the username @donnaheinel. She has only 34 followers and 18 tweets on her account.

Donna joined Twitter in January 2012. Though she is not available on Instagram, you can find her information on other popular social media as well.

Donna Heinel Spouse/Husband

Donna is a married woman, but her spouse’s name is not revealed yet.

Donna Heinel is married to a woman so, she does not have a husband.

Donna is a member of the LGBTQ community hasn’t revealed her spouse’s name. The couples are blessed with two children. Her children’s names are still unknown to us.

Donna’s Age Revealed

Donna Heinel’s current age is not revealed yet.

Her actual birth date is also unknown to us.

We will cover this section shortly.

Donna Heinel Wikipedia

Donna Heinel’s biography is not available on Wikipedia.

However, you can find her information on other popular sports sites.