Who Is Hakeem Oluseyi Wife Jessica Oluseyi? Everything To Know About The Cosmologist

is hakeem oluseyi married
Hakeem Oluseyi

Jessica Oluseyi is the wife of Hakeem Oluseyi, an American astronomer and cosmologist. The couple met in college and quickly developed a friendship that blossomed into love.

Hakeem Oluseyi is multi-talented as a cosmologist, educator, science communicator, author, investor, actor, and humanitarian from the United States.

He has been a top Research Professor at the Florida Institute of Technology, where he has taught physics and space sciences Since 2007. He is best known for hosting Science Channel programs such as Strip the Cosmos, Outrageous Acts of Science, and How the Universe Works. 

In 2021, Oluseyi was named a Visiting Robinson Professor at George Mason University, an honor bestowed on distinguished faculty members.

Who Is Hakeem Oluseyi Wife Jessica Oluseyi?

Jessica Oluseyi is best known for being the wife of Hakeem Oluseyi. Her husband is an American astrophysicist and cosmologist. The couple first met at Tougaloo College, and their friendship soon blossomed into a relationship. However, little is known about Jessica because she prefers to keep her personal life private and keeps her information hidden from the public eye.

Jessica is a caring and loving wife who constantly encourages her spouse to make good decisions and remains a pillar of support to boost his self-esteem.

Hakeem Oluseyi Kids Detail 

Hakeem Oluseyi and Jessica Oluseyi are the parents of two children, a son and a daughter. 

You’ve gotta get a copy and gift a copy. It sounds like a science story but it’s a human story of resilience and overcoming. We’ve all been through a lot these last two years. This book will uplift you and help you to realize your own strength.

— Hakeem Oluseyi (@HakeemOluseyi) November 11, 2021

He provides an ideal opportunity to his family as a caring spouse and a mindful father, varying for his vocation. However, he hasn’t said much about his children’s desire to keep a low profile.

Currently, he is living a happy life together with his family. 

What Is Hakeem Oluseyi Net Worth?

Hakeem Oluseyi’s net worth is unknown to the general public.

However, his net worth has been estimated at $1 million by specific web sources. His jobs as a cosmologist, educator, science communicator, and author provide him with most of his income.

Had the opportunity to visit @CNN @NewDay this morning to discuss the possibility of terraforming #Mars

— Hakeem Oluseyi (@HakeemOluseyi) January 4, 2022

He has gathered a substantial sum of money through his various sources of income.

In 2021, he co-authored with Joshua Horwitz the autobiography, “A Quantum Life: My Unlikely Journey from the Street to the Stars.”

Meet Hakeem Oluseyi On Instagram 

Hakeem Oluseyi is active on Instagram under the username @hmoluseyi. 

He currently has 12.1k followers and 134 posts on his Instagram account. So, there are many posts to go through if you follow him on Instagram.

He frequently posts selfies with friends, family, and other people he cares about on Instagram. He kept his fans up-to-date on his activities regularly. He’s also on Twitter, where he goes by the handle @HakeemOluseyi. He’s been on Twitter since September 2012 and has 22.5k followers.