Who Is Joel Greenberg Wife Abby Greenberg? Meet Her Family & Children On Instagram

joel greenberg children

Joel Greenberg is an American politician and former tax collector of Seminole County, Florida. His wife is Abby Greenberg, who is an American Native married in 2016.

She is in her 30s. She is most popular for being Joel Greenberg’s significant other and his better half.

Who Is Joel Greenberg Wife, Abby Greenberg?

Joel Greenberg’s wife, Abby Greenberg, is popularly known for being his wife. She doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography until now. As per the research, she is an American estate agent.

But as per her husband’s Wikipedia and bio, they have been married for more than five years. They entangled their marriage strings in 2016.

But due to Joel’s crimes, he was pleading with guilty and was accused of many crimes that is why he is set to allege guilty that might face a lot of time in prison. They had to face bizarre situations all at once.

A few months back, Abby went to Jupiter following personal problems with her husband. But Joel tracked her down using Snapchat and went to her mother-in-law’s house.

He was arrested later for crossing the area issued by federal officials during his release.

The couple doesn’t seem to have a healthy relationship at the moment.

Meet Her Family & Children On Instagram

Abby Greenberg is active as @abbygreenbergrealtor.

Joel and Abby Greenberg have two children (Daughter), Madison and (Son) Micha.

In any case, we don’t have much data about the kids up to this point. But it seems like the age is between 4 to 6 years.

Abbey’s Instagram is mostly full of her realtor state posts.

What Did Joel Greenberg Do – Arrested and Released?

Joel Green berg is a 37 years old Politician who has been accused of 33 criminal cases, including theft, stalking, sex trafficking, cryptocurrency fraud, small business Administration loan fraud, and aggravated identity theft.

He ostensibly gives out a 17-year-old young lady and has been in the scandalous spotlight for quite a long time.

Joel Greenberg’s confession may confront a great deal of time in jail. His sentence might be abbreviated as he chose to take the supplication arrangement offered by the public authority.

Greenberg might face 12 years and life imprisonment at the sentencing hearing. However, the plea agreement allows for the possibility of a departure from minimum sentencing guidelines if Joel fully cooperates with them.

On July 6, Greenberg requested, and prosecutors agreed to, a three-month delay in his sentencing to further cooperate with the government, presiding federal judge Gregory. The latter agreed to reschedule the sentencing date to November 18.