Who Is Joshua Liechty The Voice? Here Is More About The Member Of A Girl Named Tom

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Who is Joshua Liechty from the musical group, A Girl Named Tom? Know all you need to explore about his details below.

At The Voice season 21, Liechty and his harmonious band, A Girl Named Tom, charmed the judges and the crowd. They sang Crosby, Stills, and Nash’s song “Helplessly Hoping” at the blind auditions.

Joshua’s bandmates are his brothers, Caleb and Bekah Liechty, well-known to The Voice audience. Throughout their collegiate careers, they performed on stages both together and individually.

Bekah, the band’s younger sister, was given the stage moniker Gay Named Tom. Later, in season 21 of NBC’s The Voice, the trio was the first performance and the first four-chair turn. On weekends, they have dazzled the judges.

Meet Joshua Liechty from A Girl Named Tom Band! 

A Girl Named Tom band member, Joshua Liechty is a native of Pettisville, Ohio. He is a child of Mrs. Holly Hollenberg Liechty of Winamac, Indiana, and Chris Liechty of Archbold, Ohio.

Caleb and Bekah Liechty’s biological brother, Joshua, has seven cousins, Emma, Andrea, Meleah, Elsie, Kali, Darin and Brian. He is also a nephew to Stephen P. Hollenberg and Phil Bontrager and two aunts, Lori Bontrager and Kc Graber.

Joshua attended Pettisville High School for intermediate-level education. Upon high school graduation, he joined Goshen College in 2015, where his mom was inducted as an alumnus.

Liechty graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Goshen College in 2019. He is now serving as a stockroom worker at the same academy from where he passed out in January 2018.

Joshua initially started working as a general laborer at Sauder Manufacturing Company in 2015. He further served as a housekeeper at Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp in 2016. Later, he associated as a study service term at Goshen College in 2017.

When is Joshua Liechty Birthday? Know His Age!

Joshua Liechty celebrated his 24th birthday as per his birth details. His close friends, relatives and family members wished him on his special day in 2021.

At the moment, Liechty is 24 years old of age. Meanwhile, some people say he is in his mid-20s, but the fact is still hidden deep down to the contrary.

Is Joshua Liechty Active on Wikipedia?

Joshua Liechty is not active on Wikipedia at the moment. But, he has a great career ahead as a musical artist.

Liechty and his two siblings formed the musical trio Girl Named Tom in 2019. They set out to conquer people’s hearts with their songs. Joshua is the lead vocalist aside from his younger sister, Beckah, while Caleb plays musical instruments.

Joshua Liechty Instagram Highlights

Joshua Liechty is a quiet social friend nowadays on Instagram under @joshua.liechty02. Furthermore, he has 5.6 thousand followers on his official Insta profile.

Liechty described himself as a middle member of Girl Named Tom. He also noted himself as a part of Team Kelly on season 21 of The Voice. He often shares a couple of pictures of his trio performances on the singing competition on Instagram.